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First of all, it’s a well known fact that the EU spends an enormous amount of taxpayers’ money on self promotion, so is it any wonder that they would stoop so low as to target children with their political propaganda? Face it folks, the apparatchiks that make up the EU are bunch of socialist statists, many of them unreformed Communists and yes, Nazi sympathizers. (By the way, there is only a nuance in difference between the two). KGS

NOTE: The same thing is happening inside the US, with radical leftists pushing their dogma in school books and in leftist teachers administrating it in the classrooms.

EUSSR official admits targetting children for proaganda.. “we have to get them early enough”

A PROPAGANDA programme from Brussels to “brainwash” British children in the classroom should be halted, critics said yesterday.

The call comes after a new video shows the EU official responsible for teaching aids for UK schools blatantly admitting the desire to get to youngsters “early enough”.

The programme is to convince them it is good to be in the EU before they “form prejudices and are misinformed by other sources”.

Ukip deputy leader and education spokesman Paul Nuttall MEP said: “It is what we always suspected but could never prove. Now we can. They [the EU] are effectively using our cash to brainwash our children. And it has to stop.’’

 Mr Nuttall said he has written to Education Secretary Michael Gove and Schools Minister Nick Gibb claiming the programme appears to breach the law banning promotion of “partisan political views” in schools and requires a balanced presentation of issues.

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