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Coming straight from Southport, UK,… Hamza!

Hamza: No wer du we muslims tolerte such behaving we r taught to respect evriones religion n live peacefuli name me one country hus suffered by the hands of a muslim army ??? We r victims in this day n age muslims get slaughtered evri day !! Tel me whc christian or jew or hindu or ani other religion is tortured in a muslim country il tel u none

Islam only tolerates Islam, Jews were driven out of every Muslim land, and Christians are now experiencing the same. Hindus and Buddhists have felt the tip of Islamic hegemony for centuries and are presently being persecuted in Pakistan and just about wherever they are in contact with the Muslim.

Place your finger just about anywhere on the spinning globe Hamza, and you find Muslims murdering, raping, pillaging and intimidating the non-Muslim, when they aren’t busy killing each other that is.


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  1. Yo Hamza, your a fuckwit of the first class (and please next time you comment don’t butcher my language like you’d like to butcher us, ya cunt!) learn to fucking spell dickhead!

    1. These mustard morons are our best anti-Islamization campaign advertisers.

  2. What astonishes me is the thickheadedness of Muslims. Here they are in the West, and because of their incessant demands, terrorism, lack of integration, and general backwardness, they are despised by all and sundry. Now if any other group of immigrants were so despised, they would have the decency and honour, to get out and go to a country more in accord with their disgusting customs.

    Do they? Heck, all they do is scream “Islamophobia”, and demand more money for their backward brood. By any measure, Muslims in the West have no sense of honour, and are a disgrace to themselves and their “culture”.

    1. Those Muslims who are indeed mustards, who are arrogant and unappreciative of the society that invited them in, should be booted out if at all possible due to some infraction/violation of the law.

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