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It’s from Sweden, so no explanation needed, via the Baron:

In the Nordic countries, it’s traditional to make a gingerbread house before the Christmas festivals begin, and then eat it after the festivities have been concluded. This is a multicultural attempt by a woman who is clueless to what she’s done.

The Swedish gingerbread church and mosque are totally un-politically correct, becuase it’s….. anti-Islamic! The church tower stands taller than the mosque’s minaret!

It’s the work of a well meaning, but ignorant (dhimmi) follower of the cult of multiculturalism, but in due time after the Swedish state has gone totally halal, she won’t be making that mistake again. The sharia courts will set her mind straight, that you can be assured of. KGS

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  1. Just another sickening display of PC groveling by out of touch liberals who think butt kissing, pandering and singing kum by ya around the campfire will solve everything.

    1. Pretty disgusting as well as telling huh Big Frank? Their butt kissing will one day be supplanted by arse lifting.

  2. In any case, she won’t be making the same mistake again, like you say. Here’s why :
    Fun = idolatry = counteracting Tawhid (Unity of Allah) = conspiring against the total obedience to Allah as stipulated literally by the Quran = haram = Kufr (total disbelief) or Munafiq (Hypocrisy when a Muslim practices “fun stuff”).

    That’s basically what any Salafi imam is going to tell you. If a PC idiot like the woman in the picture wants to attach a “fun aspect” to Islam, she is both reasserting her own position as a disbeliever and at the same time is begging for Islamic punishment for insulting Islam. And that’s what makes PC idiots the crackpots they are: this woman naively thinks she “can reach out”, “build bridges”, “have intercultural dialogue” with the Islamic communities, but she isn’t capable to understand anything about Islam in the first place. The intellectual indolence of PC/MC twerps will be their downfall: Islam has absolutely nothing to do with “fun and games”, ill-conceived neo-hippie dreams of a Globally Unified Humanity, born out of “mutual respect and tolerance.”

    Sooner or later, PC idiots will find enough cause to come down from cloud nine when reality starts hitting them hard. Time to put their feet on the ground…

    1. Well put Anushirvan, pc/mc twerps, neo-hippies and the lot, they’re playing sandbox with types that will eventually make them submissive to their will. That makes them morons as well.

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