Palestinian Authority Palestinian serial killer. Palestinian terrorism



This video uploaded by Palestinian Media Watch was taken down by Youtube, but it was captured and uploaded to MRCTV by Vlad, who is constantly working for all of our benefit. Please, stop over at his site at Vlad Tepes Blog and drop some money in the kitty, he deserves it. KGS

Palestinian Authority calls for genocide

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  1. There is no such thing as palestinians. These savages are the Jordanian refuse released from prisons and told to go far away. No arab nation wants this scum in their land. These are the lowest forms of life on earth. Born into hatred. They breed to kill with no love for their own children who they use as bombs. G-d doesnt love these creatures. The vermin who think of nothing but killing from the time they leave the womb to the time they leave the world. There can be no peace as long as these insects want war. LONG LIVE ISRAEL.

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