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More apologizing and self flagellation seen in Stockholm

Just how much Swedish skin is left to self flagellate after this story gains steam? They already hate themselves with a passion… now you’ll really see the multiculturalists hate everything Swedish. KGS

H/T: Sheik Yer’Mami (pbuh)

NOTE: Self loathing on grand scale that only a Swede (or Norwegian) could contemplate!

But first:

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Swedish history must be rewritten,” researcher Joachim Östlund told The Local.

Östlund, from the Department of History at Lund University, found that Sweden had an active role in the 18th century slave-trades through the discovery of forgotten ship registration documents stored in Stockholm’s consulate archives.

While ‘not surprised’ about uncovering Sweden’s participation in the Ottoman Empire, he stresses the importance of shedding light on Sweden’s role in the affair.

“Sweden actively participated in the Ottoman Empire slave trade with the Sub-Sahara – and this is completely new,” he said.

According to Östlund’s findings, the shipping registries state that the Swedish ships’ cargo was “negroes”.

While the slaves sent to America were predominantly men used for plantation work, the Ottoman Empire had a different agenda entirely.

“Up to 75 percent of the passengers on board were women,” said Östlund.

“These women were used as servants and concubines, often both at the same time. They lived a relatively short time, research suggests an average of seven years after reaching the Empire, and this kept the slave trade between Africa and Tripoli going strong.”

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NOTE: What’s of significant importance, is the fact that the slave trade is linked to the Muslim world by a Swedish publication. It’s something that the TT has been publishing for years:

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  1. what is the point of beating your self up over things that happened centuries ago, over which, it is impossible for the living to have any influence?
    things that, in their day, were acceptable.
    i continue to be gobsmacked by the bleeding hearts that seem to think we are guilty of our predecessors deeds.
    utter crap.

    1. Oh but Bilbo, you miss the point, the Swedes are big on beating themselves up, to a point of denying anything good in their history, now they have something of which to really feel guilty about and speed themselves even further along to cultural suicide.

      1. My sentiments exactly, KGS. Another opportunity for Sweden to (conspicuously) wallow in self-hatred and (conspicuously) reaffirm their “moral superpower” status.

    2. The point is that we as humans should never forget from whence we came. It is who we are. If we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it. As harsh and horrific as it is we must first accept that it happened, realize that it’s over and move forward as one, together healing and forgiving. No, we can not forget or erase it as if it never happened.

      We go back and solve murder cases from many, many years ago. It wont bring back the life taken, but it is resolution and the first step towards healing. A person raped can never truly heal until they first, confront their demons, accept that it happened, forgive for themselves, and move forward. In AA- Alcoholics Anonymous, the first step to healing is admittance, recognizing the problem, confronting it, forgiving anything that caused you down that path and moving forward.

      We as Humans can not truly heal until we recognize and accept slavery, ALL of it first; no secrets, no pushing it under the rug. Deal with it head on with all it’s ugliness; forgive; and move forward as ONE human race healing together. But NO we must NEVER forget!!! It’s who we are; it is our past, present, and our future!!!

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