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Someone sent the Tundra Tabloids an interesting excerpt from an article by the founder of the JCPA, Dore Gold, concerning one of the Turk’s IHH member’s involvement in the Mavi Marmara incident. Though the actual civilian planners of the flotilla (in which the Mavi Marmara was the crown jewel) had only a non-violent (but totally illegal) publicity stunt in mind, the Turkish government took it over with thugs who were planning something much more serious.

It’s interesting to see that the Russians no doubt, are very much interested in one of the key players in the Marmara incident, Erdinç Tekir, who also participated in a 1996 terrorist attack on a Russian ferry in the Black Sea. It’s very reasonable assume that continued Russian interest in the IHH terrorist, caused the Turk government reconsider  their lawsuit against Israel, knowing very well that it might backfire on them.

Here is what Dore Gold has to say about it:

The Russians probably noticed that one of the IHH operatives on the Marmara, Erdinç Tekir, participated in a 1996 terrorist attack on a Russian ferry in the Black Sea, whose purpose was to obtain the release of Chechen terrorists from a Russian prison. Indeed the founders of the IHH served as volunteers in the Mujahideen Brigade that fought the Russians’ Serbian allies during the Bosnian War. Previous Turkish governments seized IHH documents which showed that its members were going to fight in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Chechnya. The IHH leader, Bulent Yildirim, gave a speech in October 2010, attacking Russia, as well as other major powers for killing Muslims.
Russia is not about to go to war with Turkey. And Israel still prefers that its old relations with Turkey can be restored in the future. But at the same time Israel should be aware of the fact it is not the only state having problems with Turkey lately. Erdogan and his foreign minister are visiting former Ottoman territories and rather than acting according the the subtle rules of diplomacy that an ambitious state should follow, Turkey comes off like a “bull in a china shop” after many of these visits. Last week, Ankara threatened the European Union if it gives Cyprus the rotating presidency of the EU in 2012. The lesson is that the international politics of the Middle East are dramatically changing, and Israel will have to carefully monitor who is allied with whom in the Eastern Mediterranean in the years ahead.

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