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Fergie cancels US flight over Turkish extradition fears for covert filming in orphanage

By Elizabeth Sanderson

Last updated at 12:08 AM on 15th January 2012

The Duchess of York in a black wig and scarf for the programme

The Duchess of York in a black wig and scarf for the programme

The Duchess of York has cancelled a trip to America amid concerns that she could be extradited to Turkey to face a court case.

Sarah Ferguson was supposed to travel to the United States yesterday but altered her plans at the last minute after a court in the Turkish capital Ankara pressed charges against her for filming in the country without permission.

The Duchess had made an undercover documentary for ITV’s Tonight programme in 2008 in which she investigated allegations of cruelty to children in Turkey’s state-run orphanages.

Duchess And Daughters: Their Secret Mission showed footage of disabled children at an orphanage near Ankara. Some were tied to their beds and others were left in cots all day without being taken out to be fed.

However, the Duchess, 52, did not have a permit to film and has since been accused of breaching the country’s strict press laws.

The office of Turkey’s chief prosecutor announced last Thursday that it was pressing charges against her for ‘violating the privacy’ of five children.

If she is found guilty of the allegation, she could face between seven-and-a-half years and 22-and-a-half years in prison.

A friend of the Duchess told The Mail on Sunday yesterday: ‘Sarah is totally shocked by this because she thought it had gone away. It was, after all, more than three years ago. This has come out of the blue and she is deeply worried.’

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5 Responses

  1. It’s the only commendable thing she’s ever done and she goes to gaol for it.

  2. The advances of the Enlightenment do not apply in Islamist countries and for a Westerner to travel there one must be prepared to accept that such concepts as ‘human rights’ don’t necessarily apply. The lessons of Midnight Express still apply. Whenever I am tempted to travel to such places I repeat the old saying “there be dragons there” and come back to my senses.

    1. Best advice is t just avoid shit holes of the 3rd world, especially of the Islamic variety.

  3. Least we forget Islam is all about control at every level of governance and society.

  4. I am no fan of Fergie, but I hope the high profile of this will help to raise awareness of the danger and hypocrisy of islamic states.

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