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Socialized medicine sucks. Not only that, handing over to the government, some 20% of the Finnish economy, was a stupid act, it was nothing more than a state power grab on their personal sovereignty as private citizens, in exchange for the promise of utopia. ”Free heath care”.

Now that the system cannot be maintained as promised, doctors (and nurses) are fleeing to elsewhere that values the their work with market value pay, the Finnish healthcare system is frantically looking for people to fill these vacant slots.

Face the facts folks, any promise of utopia is destined to come up empty, if people opted for limited government, with an emphasis on lower taxes, being ”allowed” to keep more of what they earn, they could provide for their own health care needs better than what the state could offer. The same rules applies for the US as well as here in Finland. Utopia never works. KGS

Health inequalities growing

YLE: Public healthcare centres are suffering a shortfall of around 1000 doctors. Getting an appointment to see a doctor, in some case, may take weeks. According to experts addressing the Finnish Medical Convention 2012 in Helsinki on Monday, the state has shifted the key problems in public healthcare to local governments.

Over the past decade, healthcare has become fragmented, emergency services have been outsourced and the private sector has regrouped into a number of chains. According to the CEO of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Aki Lindén, the reasons are to be found in a less tight grip by state management in healthcare that started in the 1990s.

“Previously there was very precise and centralised direction of where resources were to be used, and in that way a functional public healthcare centre system was created. The present state of affairs is the result of municipality-driven policies,” says Lindén.

Among the medicine prescribed to improve the situation has been a reform in municipal governance which, it is hoped, would further define and centralise services. Lindén says that a much more focused reaction is needed.

“Under no conditions can we in healthcare await municipal governance reforms. The strongly growing private sector, which is heavily owned by international capital investors, is taking healthcare in Finland in its own direction. If we await reforms for the next 3-5 years, then Finland’s public healthcare system will be lost,” argues Aki Lindén.

According to Lindén, the gap between the goals set out in law for public healthcare and the reality being seen has become too wide. Not everyone can afford private services and so inequalities in care are growing at an increasing pace.

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  1. Marx and Lenin are alive and working in America very diligently. People really don’t want to be free, they want to be taken care of. Everyday we are bombarded by cries of how unfair life is. Read “Heaven on Earth” by Joshua Muravchik. This should be taught to every young person in western culture. However, people want God, Daddy, Santa Claus, Government, or the ubiquitous “Somebody” take care of me. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. This is the mantra of our so-called government.

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