Race Baiting Racism Racism or not




Her statement could be understood as being racist  towards white people as well. Check out the woman 10 minutes in the video below, her thinking mirrors the woman’s in the article.

More here.

Make sure you watch Craig Bodeker’s excellent film on ‘racism’, he was as convinced he was in fact inherently racist from birth as the woman in this article…until he started to view the subject in a logical, rational and reasoned way. KGS

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  1. She states “Unless you are black or Asian you cannot know what racism feels like.”

    Classic moral and cultural relativism of “progressives/liberals”.

    She is basically trying to prove her own moral superiority to other Caucasians and at the expense of other Caucasians in order to win the adoration of non-Caucasians by demonizing Caucasians/whites and canonizing non-whites/non-Caucasians as inherently morally superiors.

  2. Many a ‘white boy’ in the area where I grew up were subject to taunts and sometimes assaults, and we got over it. I was raised to judge the individual not which group they were from or where they worshiped. Racism is ugly and infects part of every religious, ethnic, nationality, and sub groups on this earth. Even folks from different regions of the same country look down on one another Perhaps she was influenced by the USA’s most outspoken ‘racial racketeers’ , the Rev’s Jessie Hijackson and Big Al Sharkton.

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