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This is the mindset of someone who is more than comfortable to demand someone to remove something because he’s offended, though no one is forcing him to view it. It is simply because he knows it exists, it spins in his brain causing him mental anguish to know that Islam is being mocked, and by non-muslims no less.

The Tundra Tabloids holds to the view that Islam must be mocked, whenever possible, due to the fact that sharia explicitly forbids it. Islam mocks, intimidates, raids, murders and desecrates other religions on a daily basis, yet holds the exclusive right not to be mocked, criticized or besmirched in any way, and to do so, risks more intimidation, calls to violence etc. etc..

We in the Counterjihad and anti-Islamization movement are actually doing the Islamic world a favor by dragging them, kicking and screaming, into the 21 century, by treating them as equals with everyone else. To live in the modern world, you have to be accustomed to offense, no one has the right not to be offended. We all are offended by Islam every minute of the day, yet we are not demanding that they be 100% silenced, but that they adhere to western mores and values while living amongst us in the West.

Being offended by one thing or another is a regular part of our daily routine, Christians and Jews and every other religion have to “suck it up” when their faith is mocked, so should Islam be made to join the club. It’s not an easy task to take on, and perhaps a thankless one, but it’s a must nonetheless. KGS

NOTE: The only way to preserve freedom of speech is to use it. Failure to do so, creates a vacum which is filled with yet more rules to follow to assuage the offended, which in the end cripples a free society and shoves it further into tyranny.


Rizwan Mughal: Please its a request to remove this picture n material from this site. If you have any problem with any Muslim you should not be personal, like attacking on our religion. you should use proper channel if your problem is genuine you will get justice.. But plz remove this picture n material against Islam.. Because we being Muslims never attacked anyone’s religion. Nor we can afford someone attacking our religion.. I request you again to remove this picture.

KGS: I can’t remove this picture, doing so would make me a hypocrite, and I care more about becoming a hypocrite than I care about Islam being offended.

Rizwan Mughal: Dude its a humble request, plz remove this picture.. Your aim of life should not be Hypocrisy, As it only gives u nothing at the end except regret. Muslims get hurt by these images n material. Because we being Muslims never ever attacked the religion of Non-Muslim. It is a request that you remove this material from this site.. plz..

KGS: Don’t log on to the site, surf on past DUDE. I couldn’t care less that it offends, because Islam offends every day, 24/7, year after year. So suck it up and understand that others have vastly different opinions than yourself. So surf on past. and don’t bother stopping here again, no one is forcing you to log on.

Oh and this barely even scrapes the top of the iceberg:

Eeyore: Wow. Reading the Muslims here is a lot like taking drugs. The inherent contradictions, the lies, the re-defining of important words to make it appear that they are not lying comes so thick and fast it actually causes cognitive dissonance.

Just the one about Muslims never offending anyone else’s religion alone could necessitate therapy. I tell you what Mahmud. Get your coreligionists to:

1. Stop murdering Christians all over the Middle East and Islamic Magreb

2. Allow any and all people into Mecca and Medina without requiring they be Muslims

3. Stop teaching that all who believe in the divinity of Jesus are horrible people and must be silenced or enslaved or converted, whether you agree with their view or not.

4. Allow opinions other than your own to be aired so open discussion can determine the best ones.

5. Stop redefining terms like hypocrisy, something all your posts are drenched in by the way, as meaning against the agenda of Islam. When you mean that a thing is threatening to Islamic supremacy, then say so. Hypocrisy means to contradict your own stated values or facts such as here:

“Dude its a humble request, plz remove this picture..
Your aim of life should not be Hypocrisy, As it only gives u nothing at the end except regret. Muslims get hurt by these images n material. Because we being Muslims never ever attacked the religion of Non-Muslim. It is a request that you remove this material from this site.. plz..”

Of course, Islam has no actual dogma of its own per se. It brings, as one Persian emperor said quite lucidly, ‘nothing new to the table, but is a violent rewrite of existing Jewish and Christian texts, however bereft of spiritual value.’

Islam is pretty much nothing at all when you remove the hate and attacks on every other religion.

If you took out the incitement to murder, to wage jihad, the condemnations of all other ideas, the slander and threats of hell, the Koran could be printed on a pamphlet.

At least then, it would be not as bad for the environment.

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  1. The poor man has been offended. Boo friggin’ hoo!

    He stated that Islam never attacked any other religion.

    Is he totally ignorant (I suppose anything is possible.) Or is this just the old taqiyya routine.

    Spin the story often enough and inevitably some people will believe it.

  2. THAT rocked! That is hilarious!

    The ones from other countries are so naive and indoctrinated in their own crazy backwards countries that they actually think Muslims being offend means something to a westerner. They have no idea that we really don’t give a rip. The ones who respond who live in the west are much more tricky because they have that liberal commie addition to their remarks which make them doubly evil. I talked to one the other day, good God man he was a hopeless case.

    Thanks for posting this, I needed to laugh after this week!

    1. Glad to oblige TEC! These mustards (muslims who believe that others should adhere to their sharia) are a hoot.

  3. I don’t give a rat’s what any muslim says. They do not believe in anyone’s rights except their own. The sooner the free world knows this and reacts accordingly, the better we’ll all be…

  4. My own postition is to say I will happily apologize for any offending statement – just as soon as the party who claims to have been offended, CAN PROVE they are offended.

    The experience of being offended is purely subjective and is impossible to prove.

    Trying to get something without providing the requisite proof that you are owed it is called attempted fraud.

  5. Expect a bit of traffic soon..I’m going to post that pic to a couple of koranimals I know who think that mo-ham-id purified mecca.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Moslems attack Christians in the Middle East..
    Moslems bomb churches in Nigeria..
    Christians killed in Orissa, India by Hindu extremists..
    Christians attacked by Hindu extremists in Karnataka, India..
    Somalian Christian converts from Islam attacked..
    Acts of violence on Christians in Indonesia..
    Christians persecuted in Sudan..
    ‘Father Christmas’ stabbed to death in Tajikistan..
    Christian homes burnt in Egypt..
    Christians killed in Pakistan..
    Christian’s throat slashed in Bangladesh by Moslems..
    God Bless Christians.. Protect them..

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