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The reason why many youth of our day adhere to marxist principles, is solely because they’ve been dumbed down by Leftist crackpot teachers and professors plying their young minds with mind numbing utopianism. Pure and simple. Capitalism is the most moral economic system ever devised by mankind, it goes hand in hand (property rights) with idea that all people are created with unalienable rights that underpin their individual sovereignty. Safeguarding the capitalist system undergirds your liberty as a free agent.

This is no longer being taught in schools and in universities, at least in lesser degrees than over 100 years ago, and it shows by the growing number of mindless drones waltzing around before the cameras peddling their commie wares, some of it even comes with a capitalist price tag (Che T-shirts anyone?).

The minds of our youth have to be won back if we are to survive as a free people. Through nature itself children develop a rebellious streak, they should be easy enough to convince   when taught about real liberty and freedom of choice, individual responsibility, as opposed to conformity of mind and pocketbook and being slaves to the socialist state. We just need people who are cognizant of these truths and opens their mouths, and dare to take back their schools and their childrens’ minds. Our future depends upon it. KGS

From the Gates of Vienna.

Robots and Moral Education

It’s comforting, in a morbid sort of way, to discover that the Occupy movement in Denmark is just as progressive and witless as its counterparts in the USA and Canada. We’re all different, yet all the same!

Below is an interview with Røsle Dyre, the spokeswoman for Occupy Copenhagen, whose head seems to be filled with styrofoam pellets from ear to ear.

Many thanks to Nicolai Sennels for recording and subtitling this video:

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  1. The poor girl is just 17 years old. I doubt that she has read a lot of books. I think her ideas on capitalism are a product of her own upbringing, state television and education. It’s just sad.

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