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‘Lord’ Ahmed (remember him?) in severe depression.

‘Lord’ Ahmed was convicted of vehicular manslaughter a few years ago but only served 16 days for his crime. He also fomented violence in his call to rally 10 000 Muslims to stifle debate in the British parliament when the Dutch MP Geert Wilders was in town to view his film Fitna. KGS

NOTE: The man’s a menace, when he’s not slaughtering people on the highway, he’s pushing Halal slaughtered meat on public officials.


Lord Ahmed of Rotherham said: ‘I did feel misled. I think a halal option should be made available.’

In 2010, the Mail on Sunday revealed schools, hospitals and restaurants were serving halal meat to unwitting customers.

Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Somerfield and the Co-op all said they stocked meat slaughtered according to Islamic tradition without letting customers know.

Fast-food chains including Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, KFC, ­Nando’s and Subway are also using halal meat without ­telling customers, it was revealed.

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  1. This issue should continue to be brought to the public. What were all those years about animal rights for, to just say “never mind”?

  2. It is offensive to most Britons but that does not matter a damn, as long as the house and the Lords are not offended everything is OK.

  3. If these so-called ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ want to observe the oppressive servitude of Sharia or Koranic law may I suggest that they migrate forthwith to one of those ‘Islamic Paradises’. Once there they can enjoy the complete domination of every aspect of their daily existence dictated by the Imams and enforced dutifully by the ‘religious police’, totally free from the distractions and temptations of the decadent Western culture, and not having to deal with unclean and unholy Infidels on a daily basis. Of course they will have to surrender all of those nasty un Islamic traits such as modernity, personal freedom, liberty, economic opportunity, and living in a rather safe environment.

  4. Hey, Lard Ahmed can always fatten out on vegetarian high-calorie treats if he refuses to eat non-halal meat, can’t he?

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