Democratic freedom Egyptian style:

Egypt forces storm offices of pro-democracy, human rights groups accused of fomenting protests

By AL-Associated Press

 CAIRO — Egyptian security forces stormed on Thursday the offices of 10 human rights and pro-democracy groups, including several based in the U.S., accused by the country’s military rulers of fomenting protests with the help of foreign funding.

The raids are part of a crackdown on activists who have grown increasingly critical of the ruling generals, who blame “foreign hands” for the unrest that continues to roil Egypt. This month, Justice Minister Adel Abdel-Hamid accused around 300 nonprofit civil society groups of receiving unauthorized foreign funding and using the money for protests.

Among the offices ransacked were the U.S.-headquartered National Democratic Institute, Freedom House and the International Republican Institute, which is observing Egypt’s staggered parliamentary elections.

The Obama administration demanded Egyptian authorities immediately halt the raids on non-governmental organizations (NGOs), saying the are “inconsistent” with long-standing U.S-Egypt cooperation. By far the largest recipient of foreign funding in Egypt is the military itself, which has for more than 30 years received about $1.3 billion in annual U.S. security assistance.

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3 Responses

  1. Cut their funding every time. There has to be a bottom line with these leeches.

  2. Pretty ungreatful behavior considering it was we who trained their “secular” revolutionaries so they could be exploited as cover for the radical islamist takeover of Egypt.

    Now that the NGOs aren’t needed by the islamists they are bing turned on like all the poor dupes who were tricked into supporting the secular protestors.

    The army has shown its true face at last now that the islamists are no longer amongst these protests.

    It makes me think there they were in with the islamist takeover of egypt before the protests started. They didn’t attack the original protests because their radical islamist allies were mixed in with the mobs.

    It makes it clear the the army, rather than choosing to side with the islamists for the sake of realpolitic in the course of the unfolding of events, were most likely infiltrated and subverted by the islamists before the protests, meaning the two are actually one and the same.

    If they weren’t then the army would be keeping the other groups and NGOs strong so as to be a counterweight to the islamists in order to prevent the islamists getting enough power to threaten them. But the army isn’t doing that.

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