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Breaking story by Vlad who received the following info in his comments.

Breaking: Tommy Robinson Attacked by “Youths”

Confirmed by Gates of Vienna, and initially from a tip to this site. Thank you Art

Last night English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was attacked and beaten up by a gang of “Asians”. The following report just came in from a source in the EDL:

He was out driving, when he saw a car similar to his wife’s, driven by a blond white girl. The other car flashed its lights so Tommy pulled over.

A group of Pakistani youths wearing knuckle dusters poured out. Tommy was knocked out pretty quickly, and they gave him a good kicking.

He looks pretty beaten up, but no bones were broken, and no eyes or teeth are missing. He had a brain scan this morning. We don’t know the results yet.

He has spoken to The Sun, who asked whether he had called the police. Tommy said there was no point, as a racial attack on a white guy was of no interest to them.

More here

It’s not going to stop him.

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  1. What do we think we would find were we to do a serious scientific cost/benefit analysis relating to Pakistani immigration to the UK over the past 20 years?

    I think we know the answer already, don’t we?

    I just hope and pray that Tommy is OK and will fully recover from this outrage.

    1. Thinking of poor Tommy,,he didn,t deserve this,the horrible bunch of shite that did this ,need to get it back twice as bad…..get well soooon Tommy,,, Pam x x x x x x

  2. fu.cking disgraceful! they cant fight on there own so they have to do it in groups, who the was the white girl who set him up? dirty slutty traitor! if only this country was being run by someone with a pair of bollocks, maybe these filthy muslims would b punished more severely! fucking paki cunts!

  3. Those pesky “youths” again. It’s enough to make one become a fervent ageist!

  4. You find what you seek. Nick Griffin is the Cultural equivalent of Anjem Choudry, Tommy is close behind. Far right proto fascists will get attacked by opposing far right groups.

    1. Roy, you’re way off base in regards to Tommy. Besides, Fascists are left-wingers, get it straight.

      1. hahaha, that just goes to show how little you know about politics. Fascist is extreme right wing – go and do some research, fool.

        Anyhow, its bloody funny. The boy who is the figure head of the EDL got spanked by someone for his obnoxious fascist (yes, right wing!) views.

        Normally I abhor violence of any kind, but when that violence is directed against such an nasty bunch of thugs and bullies as the EDL I believe it is right as its the only language they understand.

  5. Well here is Nick Clegg’s first opportunity to deal with racism with an iron fist.
    Let us hope he will step up to the plate.

  6. When you preach hate don’t be surprised we people hate on you…

    1. What a load of bullocks Jeff, if defending your culture and society is hatred, then all of the world is guilty of the same. Try telling that to your favorite 3rd world pet “resistance” movements.

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