Some will say, “Oh Tundra, you’re just making self fulfilling prophecies”. Though some might foolishly believe that, this is one leopard however, that will never change its spots. A fanatical (devoutly Muslim) group that’s predicated its own existence (remember shame and honor culture here) upon the annihilation of the Jewish state of Israel, is not going to moderate itself to a point where it loses face. ( A recognizing of the Jewish state and an official renouncing of violence against it.)

No matter what Hamas says or does in the short term due to present day realities, the goal of dislodging the Jew from the land will always be top priority, otherwise it ceases to be Hamas. KGS

NOTE: Actually its a piece that personifies the lack of intellectual honesty and common sense within most think tank establishments.

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A New Hamas in the Making?

Bilal Y. Saab
December 20, 2011

While it is important to remember that Hamas’s leadership has not gone public with its decision, it is worth noting that the majority of its external political staff has already evacuated Damascus, where it has a key office managed by Meshal. Their next destination is likely to be Cairo and Doha, where leaders there have committed to sponsoring the movement politically and financially.

Unlike Hezbollah, Hamas has refused to say publicly that it is siding with the Syrian regime, a move that has angered not only the Syrian leadership but also the mullahs in Tehran—causing them, according to Jane’s and other sources, to stop providing financial assistance. With money drying up and winds of change rocking the region, it is no wonder Hamas was fed up with Syria and Iran. One also cannot exclude the sectarian underpinnings of Hamas’s decision.

While Hamas never allowed its religious identity—Sunni—to prevent it from forming necessary and strategic alliances with Shiite Iran and Hezbollah, the party is pragmatic enough to realize that positioning itself against the Sunni Islamist tide that is currently sweeping the region (in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, possibly Syria and elsewhere) is against its long-term interests. Having operated in the Iranian strategic orbit in the past, Hamas might now wish to embrace its old identity as a branch of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood.

Hamas’s decision, if real, will take time to implement. Since its founding in 1987, the organization’s bread-and-butter stance has been armed resistance coupled with terrorist activity. Should Hamas’s leadership publicly state its new strategy, the first thing it will have to do is come up with a new charter as evidence to the world that its move is not propaganda.

The organization will also need substantial help from Arab countries and others interested in such a development. The world, including the United States, will not accept Hamas’s transformation if it is half-hearted. In other words, Hamas will have to integrate its military into the security forces of the Palestinian Authority in order to get the attention and support it desires.

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  1. Hamas statement

    Peace on earth and goodwill to all Jews and Christian <strike)dogs.

  2. Another tactic. If the Left buys it, they will then use stealth.

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