Like Vlad told me earlier today, this is like a skit from the Monty Python Flying Circus show. KGS

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  1. It’s good to know that Salafis take their duties towards the spread of Islam so candidly serious that they should propagate their view well within the public sphere. Anyone with any knowledge on Jihadism knows what it means: no idolatry = no fun in Islam = Abolishing all Western corrupting practices that pertain to any type of leisure time activity that threathens to supersede the puritanical submission to Allah only. (as any Salafi would argue). Alas, as long as Islam is treated as a culture rather than as a totalitarian ideology, most Westerners will still yield to the ill-conceived, self delusional PC/MC view, naively assuming that Abu Imran and the likes still represent a minority view of Islam. Again, whereas the reality of such tomfoolery is gradually starting to dawn on some segments of the main stream media with regards to Tunisia and Egypt, in the West we rather want to close our eyes for what’s happening right under our own noses: Salafism is becoming more and more mainstream Islam, to the point where some day Islam will solely consist of the Salafi version, point final.
    Clearly, what Muslim clerics and other agitators advocate as purist Islam pertains to the core business of all totalitarianism: imposing uniformity to the point that whole societies are subject to the rigid devotion of one particular ideology. The very fact that all leisure activities for instance have to be stripped from society, is not just a puritan measure to agitate against all Western influences, but is also a benchmark to determine which Sunni Muslims can be considered genuine believers and which are Hypocrites as the Quran understands it. (Salafism being the most intransigent strain of Sunni Islam)

  2. It is quite clear to me, that Islam will become more purified at the instigation of Salafi clerics, both in the West and in Muslim countries. When for instance Muslims feel the need to go demarcating “Sharia controlled Zones” which openly specify bans on gambling, music, concerts, porn, prostitution, drugs, smoking and alcohol (as in the London borough of Tower Hamlets), this runs parallel to the Talibanisation (funded by Arab Salafism) of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Salafism today is rampant in Western society and in the long run, it will instigate a total ban on every type of leisure activity that makes believers stray from the right path, in accordance with Salafi-oriented Islam. (banning satellite dishes, keeping birds in cages, playing chess, kite-flying,…etc., again analogous to the Afghan example). Now, any Muslim that amuses himself with ANY type of leisure activity can be singled out as a Hypocrite, according to the Quran, and will consequently be persecuted in Salafi society.
    Salafism is a Muslim puritan approach of the self-proclaimed ‘moral majority’ within Islam that funds branches in non-Arab and infidel countries, where a newly found Salafi upper class will dictate the moral rules to both infidels and Muslim Hypocrites alike, until it becomes decidedly mainstream and applicable to whole societies, and thus dhimmis will not escape the onslaught. In the long run, parallel Salafi communities will arise in the West (and they are already slowly building a power base as we speak), constantly patrolled by “moral police” to enforce total devotion to the cause of Allah, without any possible distraction from the ‘right path’ allowed. All the issues posted on Jihadwatch, Tundratabloids et al. with regards to joyless Islam are indicative of the direction Islam is currently taking all over the place: Muslim Hypocrites will be dealt with first in these parallel Salafi enclaves, and as soon as they are pacified, it will be the infidels’ turn to be subdued. That’s what we are heading towards.

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