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Muslim Radicals Want to Continue Creating Disturbances

badnewsfromthenetherlands: Abu Hamza, of the radical Muslim group Sharia4Holland told the Spits Daily that his organization wants to continue creating disturbances, similar to the one where they disrupted a debate in which Parliamentarian Tofik Dibi (Green Left) and the author Irshad Manji participated.

The debaters were spit at and eggs were thrown at them. Hamza expressed his sympathy for Al Qaeda and said that the radical Muslim Mohammed Bouyeri who killed mediamaker Theo van Gogh was justified in his actions, as van Gogh had insulted Allah. Hamza said that his organization was still small, but through Twitter and the distribution of flyers, they were looking for more members.

The Christian Democrats Party wants the same laws used against soccer hooligans to be applied against Muslim radicals also. In this way, they can be prohibited from entering meetings, their range of movement can be limited and they can be forced to visit police stations regularly.

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  1. The Dutch government is either too frightened or too stupid in their political correctness to swiftly deport these Muslim radicals or jail the ones who were born in Holland. The Christian Democrats Party in an effort to address the problem wants to lump soccer hooligans together with Islamic extremists – two separate problems. This is the problem with Holland’s political correctness. And to think all the time the Dutch prosecutors wasted trying to jail Gert Wilders simply because wanted to defend radical Islamists. Large numbers of Dutch people are too frightened to openly speak out against radical Islam because they know they will be threatened by radical Muslims and possibly prosecuted by the Dutch courts. It is a wonder more Dutch haven’t migrated to another country because of this.

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