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A person who really sticks up for all Finns right?

Eva Biaudet is representing the Finnish Swedish People’s Party in the next presidential elections. She’s also the government’s Ombudsman for Minorities who tried to get Finns party, Teuvo Hakkarainen, charged for hate crimes against Muslims for his mimicking a muezzin.

The reason I bring this all up is that she was interviewed today (12.12.2011) on a Finnish morning show, MTV3, in English,  David Mac Dougall, in which they both take turns sticking forks into the Finns party, headed by Timo Soini. Indirect charges of xenophobia and racism filled the airwaves by the time these two were done. A real hatchet job.

Read what the hack journo/interviewer has to say of her:

This morning, Eva Biaudet showed her high level of proficiency in the English language. The Swedish Peoples Party candidate has worked internationally at the OSCE in Vienna for several years, where the working language was English. She seems very comfortable discussing her candidacy, and complex issues like foreign policy in English – which is after all her third language.

Mrs Biaudet said she decided to run for President to give women in Finland a voice, after seeing only male candidates declaring their interest in the job. Her work with minorities, immigrants and in the field of social inclusion have given her a strong profile internationally which can be an asset if she becomes president.

It is my experience that Swede-Finns can often be more comfortable speaking in English with foreigners, and Eva Biaudet would have no problems in representing the country at international meetings and state visits while speaking English.

Note that the main thing for this crank is that she speaks English, and that only Swede-Finns are more comfortable with speaking English with foreigners. What a bigoted thing to say, and he gets away with it because, he’s a foreigner, and it’s at the expense of the majority. This guy should be forced to issue an apology right? Do we expect one will be forthcoming? No.

Also note that she believes its important to say that she wants to give Women a voice (in already feminized Scandinavia). So she obviously places more importance on that mission above representing all Finns during her presidency.

Hmmmm, interesting.

She makes it quite clear early on that she intends to pick the winners and losers in Finnish society. The only people that this ombudsman of minorities is really courting then, are Swedish/English speaking immigrant women, which makes her chances of being elected none to nil. KGS

Watch the video here.

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