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All I can say is how can a group that names itself “Sharia4Holland” not be understood as a radical group from the very beginning? KGS

NOTE: I suppose that the Sharia4Holland group are now “really really radical”. The TT covered it all here and here.

Secret Service Worried about Radical Muslim Group

BadNewsFromTheNetherlands: The Dutch Intelligence Service, AIVD is worried about the rapid radicalization of the Muslim group “Sharia4Holland.” The AIVD remarked that the group appears increasingly in public and hands out flyers on the street.

This group is held responsible for the disturbance in an Amsterdam meeting where Parliamentarian Tofik Dibi, (Green Left) had eggs thrown at him. Radical slogans were also shouted. Various parliamentarians of the Labor Party, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals have criticized the group. The Freedom Party wants the group to be prohibited.

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  1. ‘Funny’ thing is that they call themselves ‘Sharia 4 Holland’ but they are from….Belgium!

  2. I wonder if these idiots are also worried about the radicalisation of the Mafia, the Triads or the Ku-Klux Klan. After all, these nice little social clubs might end up recruiting criminals or extremists unless the lefties get together and have a debate!
    We need more lefties to get together and have debates, because whenever the lefties have a group discussion all the World’s problems are resolved straight away.

  3. Weapon found among them

    ma 12 dec 2011, 07:26
    Kalasjnikov gevonden bij Belgische extremist

    DEURNE – De Belgische politie heeft bij een huiszoeking bij een lid van de extremistische beweging Sharia4Belgium een kalasjnikov gevonden. Dat melden enkele Belgische kranten maandag. Volgens de politie gaat het om een „zeer ernstig feit”. Het parket en politie willen de beweging nu beter in de gaten gaan houden.

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