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What do you expect would happen in a situation where Spain bends over backwards to accommodate every Muslim whim and grievance? The Spanish have been busy trying to cater to their every need, and now the Moroccans believe that they can incite their countrymen in Spain to effect its domestic policies. They’re (Moroccan immigrants) sending home part of their social benefit money no doubt, so the Moroccan government has something to lose if the local Barcelona government inflicts some cuts. KGS

Is New Moroccan Government Inciting Muslims in Spain?

by Soeren Kern
December 8, 2011 at 5:00 am

HUDSON:NY: Some 3,000 Muslim immigrants took to the streets in near Barcelona to protest recent cuts in social welfare benefits.

The protest, which took place on December 5 in the industrial city of Terrassa, about 30 kilometers from Barcelona, was organized and attended by Moroccan immigrants.

The size and spontaneity of the demonstration caught local officials by surprise — they had been expecting no more than 300 demonstrators — and reflects the growing assertiveness of Muslim immigrants in the northeastern region of Catalonia.

The protest could confirm the fears of Spanish intelligence agencies that the new Islamist government in Morocco may attempt to incite Moroccan immigrants in Spain to organize demonstrations, in an effort to force Spain’s new conservative prime minister, who takes office on December 22, to resolve a series of longstanding disputes between the two countries.

The starting point for the demonstration was the heavily Muslim neighborhood of Ca N’Anglada, which is located in downtown Terrassa. The demonstrators then made their way through the city center to the municipal social security office.

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  1. i don’t suppose, for one minute, those Moroccans went to Spain with the express purpose of working for a living and contributing to the nation that took them in.
    i can only hope that the Spanish wake up soon to the festering pustule that is growing in Catalonia.

  2. Tail wagging dog! Just like in UK where Andrew Gilligan wrote in Telegraph about mozlems from East London mosque inciting against Jewish women, ordering they be raped and assaulted, had his piece removed from the paper.

  3. One solution! Spain make it clear, GO BACK TO WHERE YOU COME FROM!

  4. Spain has been under Islamic influence for a very longtime and it sounds as if Morocco is now trying to form a shadow government. It usually starts with liberal organizations and then is set with protestors. That is what is going on here in America. Obama is just a talking head, the shadow government behind the scenes are the very ones who are part of the OWS Defecation Brigade, telling us how to do everything from what to eat to what to buy and even who to vote for. It is really sickening.

    Spain has been so Marxist for so long, it does not surprise me that this is going on. I read somewhere it takes someone in Spain 500 days to get a business license from the time you apply to the day you receive the license. Its takes less than a minute in America.

    Because the left is so backwards in their belief system (example: they will condemn someone who is against killing a baby via abortion, but will protest killing a criminal who raped a child), Islam is using them. The thing is the left is so arrogant they believe they are using Islam.

    If I placed both in a boxing ring, I think Islam would win simply because they have a larger population, are more convicted due to their fanaticism and they have no value for human life.

  5. These Morccons were only doing their duty – Jihad against Spain. They went to Spain to overturn the re-conquista and bring Spain within dar ul islam.

    Spain has really no option but to expel all Muslims.

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