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How much of this horrid crap do we have to document before the fence sitters decide that no all cultures are equal? KGS

Groomed for sex at 12, stabbed to death at 17: Shocking life of white teenage mother ‘murdered after Asian lover rejected her child’

  • Laura Wilson, 17, identified as ‘at risk’ of sexual exploitation in 2005
  • Murdered days after bringing ‘shame’ on two Asian families by telling them she had sexual relationships
  • She had married Asian man’s child aged 16

By Rob Cooper

Last updated at 1:19 PM on 2nd December 2011

A teenage student stabbed to death and dumped in a canal was groomed for sexual exploitation by adults from the age of 12, it has been revealed.

Laura Wilson, 17, had been tracked by social services since 2005 after she was identified as being ‘at risk’ of sexual exploitation by British Pakistani men.

But their work focused on other girls who were more closely associated with abusers in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

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  1. Darnall neighbourhood is located in Darnall Ward, north-east of the city centre.

    Geo-demographic data:

    Darnall neighbourhood has a population of 7,182 people (at summer 2006), living in 2,630 households. It is an ethnically diverse population1:

    Ethnic Group – Number – % of Darnall population
    White – 3,869 – 54%
    Mixed – 136 – 1.9%
    Asian / Asian British – 2,760 – 38.5%
    Black / Black British – 218 – 3%
    Chinese or Other -187 – 2.6%
    Total Population 7,170

    The largest minority ethnic group in Darnall, as in Sheffield as a whole is the Pakistani population. The Sheffield South Asian community has a large influence on the city with a number of Asian politicians making up members of Sheffield City Council…Around half of Sheffield’s BME population were born in the UK.

    1 Data Source: 2001 Census, Office for National Statistics.

    N.B. Note the date of the Census and extrapolate. Other than that, no further comment is necessary. S III.

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