Anjem Choudary Islam in the UK



Remember, when things get quiet, they love to start a riot.

Anclam is always keeping himself in the news, he’s a publicity whore so he has to invent new ways at getting himself and his mustard peeps into the spotlight. KGS

More here.

NOTE: The EDL was there to shout down the UU mustards

Anclam Chowder, son of Blobfish Mohamed

4 Responses

  1. To the drones I say,
    Carry on up the Khyber

    The more we do this the better. This is the way to educate the people that Islam is a deadly threat against our civilisation.

    1. Shame the police didn’t try out the water cannon this time?

  2. I read elsewhere that it was his brother who got arrested. That’s fine, too. Shows he was intimidated and that he is willing to let others take the heat to save himself–like the ones who always let somebody else blow themselves up.

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