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UPDATE: A reader informs the TT that the picture of a supposed IDF soldier standing on a child in the Palestinian propaganda flick is a fraud. The soldier is shown with a AK47, I didn’t notice it, but a sharp eyed reader did. While some IDF soldiers may use black, the majority use brown boots, and none use an AK47, the Arabs do. Another point is that there is absolutely not tag information. So, the guy standing on the girl is a Palestinian, not an IDF soldier.

Bat Ye’or: Euro-jihadists invoke “Palestinian resistance” rather than the reality of their terrorism that has spread throughout the planet. The EU has used every stratagem to force Israel to self-destruct in the name of Palestine. That destruction would lead to an era of “justice and peace” in the world in the same way the charnel houses of Auschwitz were meant to purify humanity from Jews.

Bat Ye’or, in a prior post at the Tundra Tabloids explains in great detail what is exactly going on with the Palestinization of the narrative of the land of Israel. Here is the video that promotes the latest in provocations by Israel’s enemies, real sick stuff. This is what the Jewish state is up against, a constant, endless stream of ways to delegitimize it on the world’s stage. KGS 

Interview with Bat Ye’or:

What does Palestinization mean? Firstly, it means creating a people as a substitute for Israel, which takes over its history and therefore its legitimacy. From Palestinization (like the Nazification of Europe two decades before) comes the delegitimization of Israel, an intruder state in the region and in history, even in humanity. The Palestinization of history denies Israel’s identity, culture, historic and human rights within its homeland, including Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. For the OIC this process is part and parcel of Islamic theology, which regards the Bible as simply a falsified version of the Koran. According to Islam, biblical history is Islamic history, and the biblical characters we see represented in churches are all Muslim prophets who have virtually no connection with the facts reported in the Bible.

This context explains the Islamization of the Jewish and Christian religious heritage, an approach that involves denying the identity of these two religions, since Christianity views itself as emerging from Judaism, whose Scriptures it adopted. If the Bible is an Islamic account, Christianity too, and not just Judaism, are both falsifications of Islam. The negation of biblical history, with which Europe has assiduously linked itself by claiming that Israel is a colonizing intruder in its own homeland thereby challenges the historic rights of the Jews to their own homeland. This also negates Christian history and confirms the Koranic interpretation refuting the historicity of both the Torah and the Gospels.

Hence, if there was never a history of Israel or of the Gospels, but only the history of Ibrahim, Ishmael, Issa (the Koranic Jesus), if all the biblical kings and prophets were Muslim, in what is the West rooted? Would it not be in the Koran? That is the logical conclusion of Europe’s choice, when, furious at the return of the Jews to Jerusalem in 1967, it deliberately decided to deny them their ancient capital. It attributed their heritage to those who, by a war of invasion, had illegitimately occupied it since 1948, expelling and dispossessing all its Jewish inhabitants. In a nutshell, if the Israelis are foreign colonialists, occupiers of their own country, it means they have no past, no history, and if Judaism is just a tissue of lies, the same applies to Christianity.

If Israel never existed in the past, then its modern restoration is just a colonial deception to conquer territory to which it has no historical, religious or cultural claims, and so its destruction is justified. If history testifies to the contrary, then Europe becomes willingly responsible for the abominable crime of genocide – wiping out the past existence of a people in order to remove its current legitimacy and its human, religious, cultural and historical rights. This reflects the participation, organization and financing by European nations and the European Commission of an international campaign of incitement to hatred for the dismembering of Israel.

Read the entire interview here.

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  1. Also: the color doesn’t match the actual uniform of an IDF soldier. The girl is quite calm for someone who has a foot of a ‘soldier’ on her chest.

  2. Not to be TOO much of a pedantic stickler, but the majority of IDF forces (including the Border Guard) do in fact wear black boots. The paratroopers and auxillary units (as well as some of the special forces) get the brown/tan boots – quite a coveted “privilege”. Some numbnuts acquaintance posted this picture on facebook a while ago and I had to give it the smackdown. Fundamentals of it are 1. this is not how IDF soldiers behave – even to captured terrorists (you’ll find in the “ruakh tsahal”/”spirit of the IDF” charter – dignity of the human being is a core principle), violation of this result in prosecution 2. the AK-47, never the service weapon of the IDF but rather the choice of assorted commies, terrorists and criminals 3. gloves which would result in a ticket from the military police for unauthorised and non-standard “accessories” and in general the slovenly state of uniform and boots (even for “B’s” – work/combat uniform).

  3. That photo has been debunked before (Either on Elder of Ziyon or Israel Matsav). It’s from a Palestinian demonstration (in the West Bank I think) with a Palestinian pretending to be an Israeli solder. It was later used on a number of Pali/leftist websites claiming to be of an Israeli soldier. It’s not an Israeli uniform, not Israeli boots and not an Israeli weapon but there is a Palestinian website showing a larger uncropped version of the photo as well as other photos of the demo. It’s just typical palliwood.

  4. Today: Announcement about Breivik at 1300 CET
    – Decision, whether he can be sentenced to prison, or psychiatric treatment

    1. Thanks CM, I’ll be following the developments in the English news, if you have anything in the norwegian news please send it.

  5. Another obvious FAKE item is the “flotilla footage”. This is probably from the Turkish propaganda piece which was cooked up after the “Jihad Flotilla”. Note that it shows the soldiers running in a group on deck. Actually the naval commandos rapelled down one at a time and were immediately set upon by the mercenaries who were waiting for them with clubs, knives, etc.
    Saw something else which was a flashed text reading something like “HAusm Satna int ayds s”. Can anyone figure out what this is, beyond the word Satna/Satan?

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