Anti-Israel bigotry and bias anti-Semitism anti-semitism in Norway Norway



What should we expect from a trio of Norwegian leftards anyways?

Gatas Parliament, not the sharpest set of knives in the kitchen drawer.

Being anti-racist is one of the main badges of honor the Left loves to thump its chest over, they believe that being “progressive” affords them an automatic inoculation against that self inflicted disease. But the truth is, they’re obsessed with race, and more over, they’re obsessed with Jews.

Their obsession with the Jewish state of Israel clouds their minds numbs their senses to the outrageous notions that dances through their pickled fecal heads. It keeps them from having a balanced view of the Arabs’ conflict with Israel, they repeat the mantra as if they’re victims of Tourette syndrome: “it’s the Jooooos, it’s da Jooooos, it’s da Joooos”.

So instead of fisking the following incoherent lyrics, I’ll just let them stand as a testament to the mighty minds that modern day Norway has produced. A few more decades, and Norway will be finishing itself off. KGS


All of us are antiracist, don’t accuse us for being antisemitic, yeah

Grenade rain down over the roofs of Gaza.
Hits hospitals, hits kindergarden kids, hits everywhere.
Of course we’re talking about an apartheid state.
They build a wall between themselves and those who should’nt have citizenship.
For if you call it blood-palestine then no rules apply and believe that it gives
a new macabre meaning to the word blood orange
If it’s grown in stolen land and harvested from a dead body.
Not in my name, not for my money.
It’s not enough to stand around and cry anymore.
So we must attack fundamentalists and show Israel
Cause they don’t care about resolutions anyway.
Just a small piece of a much bigger picture.
Like when we boicotted when I was much younger.
The responsibility lies with us all so we want everyone
with us everyone with conscience, Boycott Israel!

Thanks to NIJ blog for publishing this first.

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  1. Is that a hammer and a sickle I see on those shirts or is it just me?
    It never fails to amaze me how the same people think that there should be an independent ‘Palestinian’ state and on the other hand claim that Israel is an apartheid state for giving Gaza its independence. What do these people want? ‘Palestine’, Israel or Israel + ‘Palestine’?

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