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No, not really, it’s the other way around, but one can’t be blamed for wanting to change the bad news once in awhile. KGS

H/T: Baron Bodissey

Makespace Architects gets approval for converting Camberwell pub into mosque

Published: 18-Nov-2011

Bethnal Green-based practice Makespace Architects has received a green light for execution of the last phase of a £400,000 ($631,204) project involving transformation of a 1960s public house in Camberwell, London, UK to a mosque.

Work involves creation of a third storey in the building, a circulation staircase serving as a liaison between all levels, and a front extension covering three floors. The revamped structure will refrain from creation of motifs which usually form a part of traditional Islamic structures including arches, domes as well as minarets.

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  1. I used to drink in that pub.It used to be an Irish pub but now its owned by jamat e islamia (nigeria). Gutted.

    1. I sympathize with you totally. British society is soon to be gutted if it doesn’t do an immediate turn-a-round

  2. I’m telling you, it will be your cathedrals, too. When they get enough MPs, CofE will be out. All it takes is an act of Parliament. I know it sounds crazy, but when you pull back and look at the bigger picture, it can and will happen.

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