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And they tell us that Islamization is a myth, a conspiracy theory. 

NOTE: Elsewhere this would be called imperialist colonialism.

Arabic, a European language like any other

11 November 2011

A Swedish journalist of Palestinian origin embarks on a tour of Europe to take an inventory of the use of Arabic across the continent with surprising results.

Lina Kalmteg

Although she had worked in the press for ten years, Nadia Jebril, a Swedish journalist of Palestinian origin, never had the opportunity to use her Arabic in the context of her job. But then she had the idea forRena rama arabiskan [Pure Arabic]: a series which aimed to provide a survey of places where Arabic is spoken in Europe, taking in Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, France, Italy, Malta, Spain and Bosnia, before moving on to Lebanon.

“We wanted to do something about the Arabic language,” she explains. “But everyone was only talking about Islam and the Middle East, as though they were obliged to stick to well-established subjects”. Then she thought: “A lot of us are Muslims, and most of us speak Arabic. But here is where we live! And we don’t speak the same Arabic they speak in the Middle East, it’s a kind of a mix”.

“My generation is a group apart. We have grown up in an environment that is radically different to the one experienced by our parents. When you look around Europe, there is a whole range of different mixed backgrounds that overlap. It is a new phenomenon and no one pays any attention to it!

Read the whole sordid mess here.

H/T: Baron Bodissey

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  1. What’s with this? Why aren’t my comments published anymore?

  2. Is this the reason why European languages are not encouraged in European schools? Because soon, they will introduce Arabic, so there’s no need to know other than your native European language?

    Rosengård police already started their 50 week Arabic course. Who’s next?

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