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Yes, the HuffPo author really said the Koran is against slavery.

Koran: 33:50 – “Prophet, We have made lawful to you the wives to whom you have granted dowries and the slave girls whom God has given you as booty.”

First, here’s a comment from the article in question that nails it:

Well here is the root of your problem: “The Quran declared that slaves had rights and that masters had a responsibility to protect them” That’s great and all….for the 7th century. But the quran also says you cant forbid anything that is permitted.­……That is why as late as the 1960s there were slave caravans taking captured black people from Central Africa to Arabia, and is still a real problem in Mauritania and Sudan, while even the general supervisor­s of al Azhar wont prohibit it from sharia. Religion cant abolish slavery because your prophets were cavemen who never outright forbid it, and why post enlightenment secular humanism wins again.

The Tundra Tabloids’ Steaming Pile Award goes to David Liepert for his continued efforts to confuse the non-Muslim about the real aspects of the mohammedan ideology. A real A-hole of a guy.

For more on Islam and slavery, go here to The Religion of Peace.

H/T: Scottish Infidel

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  1. I understand your point but maybe you should look into the International Muslim Abolitionist Movement. It is my impression that some islamic activists who want to create actual positive improvements (that is by real standards, not by islamic standards) make such arguments in order to affect the thinking of islamic people.

    So perhaps these people are twisting the truth or using kitman for a purpose we would agree with. In which case they should be supported for practical reasons if not for ideological reasons.

    Do they actually try to stop slavery in islamic countries or is the sum of their work to make statements in western countries (in which case they would merely be a subversive propoganda organ)?

    What have they said or done about slavery in Sudan or the arab world in general?

    An islamic gay rights group in Tower Hamlets has been exposed as a BS activist group who’s real purpose is to run interference on the subject of Islamically mandated misstreatment of homosexuals. Is that the purpose of this IMAM group or are they engaging in legitimate action?

    It depends entirely upon who they intend to absorb their message, what parts of the world they try to effect, and how effective they actually are.

    Their site shows they are connected to the Not For Sale movement which appears to be a multi faith based abolitionist movement.

    This is a link to the IMAM sight, Freedom Salat. I am NOT posting it as an uneducated endorsement as I don’t know if they are legit. Only so that people can examine it for themselves. Hopefully someone with investigative jornalism experience can use it as a starting point.

    If they are legit they should be supported but if they are not legit they should be exposed. Unfortunately it was not the subject of this article and the jornalist made no attempt to find out.

  2. This is exactly the same kind of rubbish talked about in the UN’s 1951 “expert panel” on slavery. They maintained that Mohammed was anti-slavery and never had any slaves – despite the fact that the Sira records that he sold off hundreds of enslaved jews, and even forcibly took a jewish woman as a wife (he enslaved her). The UN panel also recorded that in 1950, as many as 1 in 20 of the population of Arabia was a slave, and that slaves were bred there like cattle (and slaves were still being taken to there, and sold in slave markets).

    Contemporary translations of medieval works on sharia law, sanctioned by Al Azhar university, make it clear (at least in the Arabic text) that slavery is legal in islam. The English translations (in the parallel text versions) admit that the sections on slavery have been omitted (curiously, they don’t omit the sections allowing adult men to marry pre-pubescent girls).

    Sultan Tabandeh in his 1967 “Commentary” on the UN Declartion of Human Rights also states that in islam slavery is a genuine legal condition. Which explains why all 56 islamic states signed up to the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights under islam, where the islamic states reject the primacy of the universal human rights, and subordinate all human rights to sharia. That means they reject the UN Declaration’s opposition to slavery.

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