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It’s the deepening of the islamization of Lebanon, the former Paris of the Middle East. In Turkey, Christian slaughter houses for pork were slowly phased out, just waiting for the sale of alcohol to be attacked there as well. KGS

H/T: Missing Peace

Excerpt: “Lebanon’s tourism minister, Fadi Abboud, voiced concern about the explosions and said they were linked to the “spread of fundamentalism in the Middle East.”

The first explosion at 4:55 a.m. ripped through a restaurant at Queen Elissa Hotel, damaging several cars, including one belonging to a U.N. officer who works for the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO).

A similar explosion tore through a liquor store near the port of Tyre five minutes later, inflicting material damage.

According to explosive expert adjutant Talal Ajram the hotel bomb weighed three kilograms of TNT.

Commenting on the early-morning explosions, Interior Minister Marwan Charbel urged that the issue not be regarded as targeting the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL), saying the incidents centered on the fact that the establishments served alcohol.

“What happened today in Tyre is not security-related but linked to the sale of alcohol,” Charbel told Voice of Lebanon (93.3 FM).

Lebanese security forces cordoned off the area around Queen Elissa Hotel, preventing reporters and photographers from getting close to the site.

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  1. On Sunday’s installment(TLC 10pm) of All American Muslim, we meet a completely “Americanized” Lebanese(all on the show are Lebanese shitites) women wearing a revealing outfit, who wants to open a bar. Her “business partner” tells her, while glancing at her chest, something to the effect it is not a good idea. I can’t wait for next week’s installment–but I still don’t get why CAIR is not decrying how some muslims are being depicted. They would be killed in some places, or TLC would be firebombed like that cartoonist in France. Or muslims would demonstrate in Cairo. I don’t want anything bad to happen, but don’t get why it hasn’t yet. It it just because the women look bad in this show?

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