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The Tundra Tabloids has reported on this kind of propagandizing of European children with Palestinian rhetoric earlier, but in Norway. This video comes by way of Vlad Tepes, and it’s horrible to watch, the manipulation of young minds by school staff into extreme Palestinianism, in cult-like way.

The scholar of dhimmitude and European Islamization, Bat Ye’or, (author of Eurabia) has warned about the Palestinianization of EU member states through the corrupting forces of its institutions. This is a classic example of such corruption. Think about it, manipulating European children to rally in support of a genocidal regime. Real sick stuff. KGS

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  1. We on the right always wonder why it is that Europeans attack Israel and Jews while Muslims slowly conquer the homeland. Well, I have an answer that hasn’t yet been proffered:

    It is that leftist Europeans actually aspire to become Muslim and to live in Euro-Muslim societies. They welcome the invasion and the eventual conversion (er, reversion). I think we see it in Spain, in Scandinavia, and elsewhere.

    Interested to know what Fjordman’s take might be on this thought.

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