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Every time I write about this situation it seems that the situation goes from bad to worse, if that’s at all possible since the situation for Jews in Malmö has been miserable for quite some time now. Here is yet another article by the NIJ blog about the increase of anti-Semitism. The mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu bears the full responsibility for the situation for it has been allowed to metastasize under his watch, and has himself poured the gas onto the flames of hatred by insisting that Jews be more critical of Israel in order to stave off the hatred directed towards them. He’s a real sicko.  KGS

The Anti-Semitic Chef:

Reepalu: just a little pinch of me is all it took

More here.

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  1. Somali in Norway’s King’s Guard then
    – Killed fighting for allah in Somalia

    “Everybody supports Al Shabaab”. “We love them”. That’s what those Oslo cabdrivers said years ago.

    An exemplary soldier, in 2005 the Somali became one of the escort team that will bring the King and the royal family, as well as the country’s other top leaders into security in a war. The King’s guard is the main infantry unit responsible for the defence of Oslo.

    In 2009 the Somali becomes part of a “religious group”, with aquaintances in Sweden and Finland. In 2010 he calls his father and says he has become a member of Al Shabaab.

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