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The Tundra Tabloids is presently reviewing a book it received from author Dr.Nusrat Raza titled Visa For Hell, some time after publishing a blog post about her story. Here’s yet another similar sad story of yet another girl brutalized for failure to marry the man arranged for her. These women (often school girls) have literally very little chance to escape their fate, this demands a wider circulation than this blog. Attention media types, do the right thing and report on this. KGS

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Asian bride ‘drugged and held prisoner by her family after breaking off arranged marriage and secretly marrying another man’

  • Naila Afsar’s family ‘wanted her to marry first cousin who lived in Denmark’
  • Elder brother ‘hit sister with her mobile phone and threatened to kill her’


Last updated at 5:19 PM on 1st November 2011

A young Asian bride was drugged and held prisoner by her family after she broke off an arranged engagement to her first cousin and secretly married another man, a court heard today.

Naila Afsar, 23, was also threatened with death, assaulted and abused by angry close relatives after they discovered she had wed Afsar Saddiq without telling them, it was alleged.

She was given a milky drink laced with a prescription-only sedative in a bid to put her to sleep while they took her back to the family home – and away from her new husband, it was said.

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  1. I seriously suggest there is a need for a help line and shelter system for women who want to break the cycle. Probably need shelters just for them, not mixed with other domestic victims, because of the circumstances.(Normally I would not suggest something only for them, but in this case, yes.) Also, there is a factor that under Islam, children belong to the father–if the woman wants out, she has to leave her children. Another reason why women don’t leave. Muslims don’t care about the law if it contradicts sharia. Maybe sympathetic prominent muslim women could fund it. There are a few.

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