Beheadings Saudi Arabia



Saudi Arabia, a place where one can still visit the seventh century and not be in a museum.

Obviously his magic powers were no match for a swinging sword.

NOTE: The usual shock and gore warning is in effect.

H/T: Vlad

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  1. The fact that the executions take place in public, not in private, means that entire generations of Saudis grow up exposed to this rubbish. There is no shortage of people wanting to view this, presumably children too. No wonder Muslims are so disturbed.
    It’s definitely a medieval thing and one of the reasons that Islamic countries are trapped in the dark ages. If it wasn’t for all the cars that are parked there, the scene could definitely be set in the twelth century!
    Don’t forget too, the only reason that there are motor vehicles there, is because we in the West invented them and gave them our technology. The Arab Muslims have invented or discovered nothing of any worth. The only reason that they are oil rich, is because we invented the internal combustion, otherwise that black stuff would still be lying underground doing nothing, whilst on the hot desert surface, the Arabs would still be beating their wives, murdering each other and drinking camel piss!

    1. Correction: they ARE still beating their wives, murdering each other and drinking camel piss!

      1. No Bob, it’s not a medieval thing . . it’s a barbaric evil 7th century thing. But I take your point.

  2. This is savage butchery! Saudi Arabia has not crawled out of the DARK middle ages.

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