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  1. Well, we all know that the only time that Sunnis and Shias agree on anything is when they’re attacking the infidel. The rest of the time, they’re attacking each other, so this man has probably been arrested by the Saudis for engaging in ‘suspicious Shia behaviour’.
    It’s all the same to me. I don’t care what they do to him. As far as I’m concerned he’s a member of a satanic cult (Islam) who went on a journey to get involved in a pagan ritual (the Haj) and met some rival members of his cult who didn’t like what he was doing.
    He deserves what he gets!

  2. He forgot he is not in a democracy in Saudi Arabia. He could get away with doing what he wants in Canada, but how could he be so uninformed as to think he can do what he wants in Saudi Arabia? Now his mosque is crying to Canada to save him. Interesting, because Saudi Arabia has gotten bad press several times this years in Canada, they will either make him pay for being a Shia, or they will use him to get some concessions from Canada.

  3. joy52
    Good point about concessions. Extending that thought, how do we know that is not a ploy by the imam, to get Canada to pay more Jizya to Mecca?

  4. He is NOT a “Canadian” imam. He is a muslim imam from Canada.
    Canada does not have it’s own imams. Canada is NOT a theocratic country with mullahs and imams at the helm (yet , thank god). BUT it will be in future if you are not mindful of the stealth jihad in progress.

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