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  1. So they think a Catholic University is too Catholic for them and is not accommodating prayer space for them, well the answer is simple, they can go elsewhere. There’s a few million square kilometres of desert in the Middle East, plenty of room to lay out a few prayer mats. If the desert was good enough for Mohammed, it’s good enough for them.
    Of course, we know what all this is about really. It’s the first step to sabotaging another non-Muslim institution. They come out with their usual “cry-baby” act in the hope of getting their own way – next thing is the introduction of halal food, teaching of the Koran, and so on.
    If the Catholic university is so ‘un-accommodating’ to non-Muslims, then where are the complaints from the Sikhs, the Hindus and the Jews?
    It’s always the Koran-utangs who are moaning, never anyone else!

  2. I think the muslims are too islamic! And talk about un-accommodating … Oh God. Laughing my arse off doesn’t begin to describe it. Surely not even they can’t see how ludicrous they’re being.

  3. Well, they have an *sshole white (or black) Amrikan attorney who loves playing games with the law on their(the pedophiles) side. They ARE commanded to make the whole stupid world islamic. So where is the suprise? Why the *ell does a Christian university invite pedophilic muslims to go to their schools anyway? “When you invite someone into your house, you deserve what they give you”.

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