Let the leviathan die.

How could anyone think that the EU, which was built upon a fountain of lies and deceit, and ruled by a cultural oligarchy that shroud their every step with a very thin veneer of democracy, ever amount to anything that resembles, good, honest and open government, that protects individual liberties and individual property rights? KGS

NOTE: The UKIP party was right all along.

The Euro-skeptics’ Moment

In Britain, support grows for a once-ridiculed viewpoint.

Over the past few decades in Britain, it’s been easy to get yourself branded a xenophobe, racist, or simply a nutcase: all you had to do was express misgivings about the European Union. Euro-skeptics, as they’re called here, were kept firmly on the periphery of public debate, not to be taken seriously, and if given airtime, were considered positively harmful.

The fact that the U.K. population has generally registered views on the EU ranging from passive hostility to (more commonly) aggressive indifference was neither here nor there. As with most orthodoxies of our time, political, cultural, and media elites believed that they knew best, and they yielded to no one in their support for what some still call the European “project.”

All of that is changing remarkably fast. The looming catastrophe of the euro (the single common currency) has allowed a sudden widening of acceptable viewpoints on Britain’s membership in what most now see as a slowly sinking ship.

What was once regarded as a crackpot position held only by reactionaries and so-called “Little Englanders” is now at least receiving a hearing on, for example, the staunchly pro-Europe BBC. No longer dismissible as little more than a form of mental instability, Euro-skepticism has become a valid viewpoint, one that might prove to have history on its side.

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  1. given cameron’s use of the three line whip in what should have been a free vote on the proposed EU referendum and the general disregard of the views of the british public; i can see UKIP doing well in the next election, provided they don’t make any major screw-ups.

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