Anti-Israel bigotry and bias anti-semitism in Norway Norway



They simply can’t help themselves, it’s never a question of ‘if’, but of when, they’ll make complete fools of themselves on the international level. So Norwegian Church Aid sponsors anti-Israel art, only to take it down after (to their shock) it’s revealed that it deeply offended Jews seeing an Israeli flag defaced with the word murder written on it. KGS

NOTE: Remember, Norway like to remind us that it’s on the frontline of humanitarianism and human rights!

Read it all here at the NIJ blog!

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  1. The image is much more subtle and thought out than you might think.

    It appears to be saying Israel is Murder. But it isn’t just saying that. It is trying to implant in the subconcious mind of the viewer the atificial belief that they themselves are gainst Israel and want to kill jews, negate the Israeli state etc.

    The Redrum is murder reversed – but that means the viewer is facing israel and saying murder. However the X is not reversed. So the viewer is facing a negated Israel and saying Murder. The X is actually reversed and not reversed at the same time – this is meant to cause a confusion in the perciever – opening them up to absorb the propoganda.

    It wants to make the viewer desire to murder jews and negate their existance. So they will support palestinains because of this subconcious manipulation but then make concious excuses for the behavior. Like when someone does something because they were commanded to while under hypnosis.

    1 you are hypnotized (you look at an image that is constructed to affect your semi concious mind)
    2 you are hypnotized and commanded to do something (you must hate Israel)
    3 you come out of hypnosis (look away from the image)
    4 you do the act (support the destruction of Israel)
    5 your mind searches for a justification for doing the act. (it must be because Israel is bad)

    That is how this piece of visual propoganda is supposed to work in the mind of the perciever.

    Furthermore the mirroring and “oppositing” (my word but I can’t think of the correct one) are intended to cause confusion in the mind of the perciever, making them suseptable to the propoganda. Extreme leftist rhetoriticians do this verbally by making rambling and confusing preambles before starting their propoganda lectures.

    This appears to be art but is really extremely violent military propoganda.

  2. Why would a self respecting Jew stay in such dirty land .
    Leave !!! Sdom and Homorra wil follow .

  3. have seen the wonderful jobs u have been doing to people may the almighty God we serve replenish u abundantly.i am a handicap Cameroonian with no legs and there are many of us how i wish u could also help us thanks 4 ur kind understanding

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