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Until the Palestinians reject their leadership in both enclaves of the P.A. and Hamas ruled areas, replacing them with leaders (up to them how they do it) that reflect their honest desire to end their war against the Jewish state, what is left for the Israelis to talk about, other than the whittling down their own positions?

The Tundra Tabloids was in a recent private email exchange with an individual who believes that ‘moderates’ do in fact exist within the Pali camp. But the word ‘moderate’ is a highly subjective term, and has been found to be used in describing some of the worst of the worst. Moderate? Moderate what, on the number of Jews to be killed at any certain time?

That said, regardless of whether there are any true ‘moderates’ who want to end the Arabs conflict with Israel, just exactly what are their influences on the leaders in their society? From nill to none I suspect. Here is the TT’s response to the article and comment by one of the people in this email exchange. Please feel free to leave your own comments, especialy if you disagree with the TT’s take on the matter. KGS

Just saying, when we’re talking about a liberal democracy, then an article such as this might have some ray of hope. But we are not talking about a democracy in the PA and Gaza, on the contrary, it’s a heavy handed authoritarian regime with competing clans trying to nudge the other from the feeding trough. They win the people over not by engaging in rational debate, but by spreading largesse, nepotism and utter corruption. Hamas is as corrupt as Fattah. Leaders in power and those coming up through the ranks coudn’t care less about moderation let alone the spreading of it. So any talk of moderates in the Pali camp showing us signs of hope…is ill spent time.

Like Natan Sharansky once said, (paraphrasing) when the Palestinian leadership no longer constitute a threat to their own people, they will no longer be a threat to Israel.

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  1. I wonder how many “Palestinians” cry over loved ones who have died in attacks against Israel. What do they expect the Israelis to do, hold still while they get killed? Ideology is to blame for the whole situation – the ideology that Israel must be destroyed for “Muslim pride.” No Arab country wants to take in “shit stirring troublemakers” like these. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they survive mostly on handouts from the Western (not Arab) world. If they gave up their violent Koran based ideology and lived peacefully, the area would be transformed overnight.

  2. Don’t think there will be change until Arabs stop being rewarded for their behavior. At that, it will take generations, if that, because islam is a self-perpetuating death cult–and their culture indoctrinates their children. The fatal, repetitive mistake is to ask them to aspire to Judeo-Christian values. They are incapable of this because islam is in total opposition to Judeo-Christian values. The folly of failed attempts at peace is predicated on this fatal mistake. Progress would be to stop trying to make progress and stop funding deadly behavior. The only time there are calm periods are when Arabs don’t act out. Suggestion: there are about 5000 Palestinians in jail in Isreal. For every 6 months of no attacks, release a few. If there are attacks, retailiate on soft targets. Start doing what they do, because that is what they understand.

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