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Oh, you mean the useless department of divide and balkanize? Great, end it now. Minorities are covered by the unalienable rights of all individuals, whether they belong to the majority or minority. Collectivist statists who push multiculturalism use that ministry to implement their policies, which only serve to further fracture society. There shouldn’t be any competing cultures here in Finland, just the main culture of the land. KGS

YLE: Finns Party MP Olli Immonen says he wants to shut down the office of the Minority Ombudsman, which addresses discrimination related to ethnic minorities and foreigners in Finland. In an interview with the regional newspaper Kaleva, Immonen said the office restricts citizens’ freedom of speech.

Immonen has filed a motion with Parliament to halve funding for the office next year, noting that the ombudsman’s unit sees very few clients in relation to its budget.

Minority Ombudsman Eva Biaudet says this is the first time that anyone has wanted to pare down the office. On the contrary, Justice Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson earlier this week called for the establishment of another special ombudsman to deal with discrimination issues pertaining to language, religion, sexual orientation and disability.

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