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In the comments to a post about a mosque in Norway that happens to be the biggest in Scandinavia, the TT gets the following comment from one of the followers of the splinter Islamic group of the Ahmadiyya:

Mirza Ahmad : The mosque is a symbol of Norwegian tolerance, it shows that Norway values diversity. Unlike those who frequent the forums and your biased anti-Islamic view. If you had bothered to look up the site of the Ahmadiyya Community you may have formed a different opinion about those who have built the mosque. You can reach it at if you are so inclined.

Actually the mosque is a symbol of Norwegian stupidity and the lack of knowledge of Islamic history, its supremacism, its hegemony and destruction of host cultures. Of course I’m biased against Islam, I’ve read its history, seen it in action and want nothing, NOTHING, to do with it. Why is that such a revelation for you types? You cling to a highly dangerous, morally corrosive, totalitarian set system of beliefs that make the hair stand up on the back of the neck, and you’re surprised that people reject it ?

The TT couldn’t care less about the Ahmadiyya community any more than the Sufi, Sunni or the Shiite and any other spin off Islamic cult group. You are all dangerous. Just get that through your very thick skulls and realize that the overwhelming majority of us in the free world want nothing to do with any of you.

Though the Ahmadiyya preach a more peaceful kind of Islam, the knee-jerk reaction to lie due to any uncomfortable plain truths about the core of Islam, is very telling. You have to be a complete ignoramus to trust anything that these cult members has to say when trying to calm any fears of their belief system. Get real. KGS

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  1. The founder of the Ahmadiyya movement, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, proclaimed himself to be the “Reformer of the age” (Mujaddid), Promised Messiah and the Mahdi. He and his followers claim that his advent was foretold by Muhammad himself, the Prophet of Islam, and also by many other religious scriptures of the world.

    Soon after the death of the first successor of Ghulam Ahmad, the movement split into two groups over the nature of Ghulam Ahmad’s prophethood and his succession. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believed that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had indeed been a “non-law-bearing” prophet and that mainstream Muslims who categorically rejected his message were guilty of disbelief in Islamic prophecies. Which simply means that Ghulam Ahmad was considered the real final prophet of Islam, something that is in fact anathema to mainstream Sunni Islam, which considers Muhammad as ‘the seal of the prophets’ !

    The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement, however, affirmed the traditional Islamic interpretation that there could be no prophet after Muhammad and viewed itself as a reform movement within the broader Ummah.

    However, both of these movements adhere to distinct practices not found in Sunni Islam, and seeing as they both claim to be reformist, this very assertion is enough of a reason to single them both out for persecution by Sunnis in particular, alongside Shi’ites and Sufis, for instance.

    In a nutshell, it basically means that whoever counteracts the core tenets of Sunni Islam, is in fact a non-believer. In order to justify such persecution, Sunni Islam in fact holds two key concepts that serve as a vital criterion to determine who is in fact a Muslim and who is a non-believer: shirk and bid’ah.

    – rejecting the unity of Allah (called shirk) by turning to (pre-Islamic) idolatry/polytheism (like Hinduism) or accepting the idea of God as a Trinity (Christianity)

    – claiming to be the Mahdi incarnate (something many Sufi figureheads have claimed throughout history) or even claiming to be the seal of the prophets. (the very core tenet Ahmadiyya Islam is founded on)

    – introducing religious innovation (called Bid‘ah) in whatever form, like attributing divine status to imams (Shi’ism) and introducing particular ritual practices not found in Sunni Islam. (Shi’ism and Sufism)

    The main idea is quite simple: whoever adheres to a distinct belief system according to its own concept of Divinity, rejecting Allah’s Oneness, and attributing divinity to religious scholars, prophets or any other individual, practices shirk and therefore is a heretic !! That is basically the wider issue and explains exactly why pre-Islamic belief systems, like animism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity have to be persecuted in Sunni Islam, alongside all reformist movements within Islam itself, who have introduced religious innovation (bid’ah), in accordance with their ‘shirk’ view of Divinity.

    all reformism in Islam = bid’ah
    all bid’ah is based on shirk
    all shirk = heresy

    So therefore, all reformism in Islam = heresy. From a Sunni type of religious ‘logic’, it is quite self-explanatory that the person who sent you this message can’t possibly present himself as a spokesperson for the larger Muslim communities in this world, simply because within Islam as a whole, Ahmadis are a very small minority, and one of the most despised by the majority of Sunnis to go with it. Alas, it is typical of Ahmadis however, to present their view as mainstream – which it obviously isn’t – and because they do so, they in fact turn into the useful idiots sustaining the PC idiocy to present the whole of Islam as peaceful ! For this reason alone they cannot be trusted in any way !!! Only the stupid PC/MC spin doctors of the MSM would buy into such a thing, because they have an disingenuous reason to integrate them into their PC view. But those are not the smartest people around, are they ?

  2. Last but not least, there’s the issue of Ahmadis claiming moral supremacy over other Muslims. When you go browse around on Ahmadi websites, you regularly find article titles which unashamedly make mention of “Ahmadiyya (Real Islam)”. This is part of the main reason why Ahmadis are persecuted by mainstream Sunnis as mentioned above. However, there is also something more ominous going on when you look around on Ahmadi websites: the sheer lack of material referring to Sharia Law on these websites suggests to me that Ahmadis are pretty keen to build bridges with Westerners, and in order to present themselves as peaceful any reference to Sharia legislation and what it entails in practice, is omitted !!

    You won’t find anything about:
    -religious minorities and how they would be treated
    -Sharia legal punishments such as stoning (adultery), cutting off hands (and possibly the opposite foot in case of theft), death penalties for apostasy,…etc.

    Any Westerner should start thinking at this point: “What is it in fact that Ahmadis DO believe in beyond the wishy-washy facade of presenting themselves as peaceful Islam ? What does that mean in practice ?” They answer to that would be: “You’re never going to find out from an Ahmadi’s mouth, because these people dig their heels in when it comes to the distinct practices they adhere to in everyday life.”

    These things are never mentioned on Ahmadi websites ! And therefore, it makes sense to think “What is it that these people have to hide, anyway ?” “How can Ahmadi Islam be Islam in the first place without Sharia rulings ? But still they claim to be Real Islam ? That doesn’t make any sense to people like me. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire ! And this in itself is THE smoking gun !

    DO NOT TRUST AHMADI MUSLIMS ! There’s as much taqiyya going on in Ahmaddiyya Islam as in mainstream Sunni or other heterodox Islam movements !

  3. I am an American Ahmadi, convert from Catholicism. A white boy from Ohio. Ahmadi’s believe sharia law is obsolete in a literal sense. People are free to come and go, practice their own beliefs as they choose with no threat of physical punishment. The logic is that Allah will judge, not people. I was skeptical coming into this from the outside, but from the inside things are pretty benign. We reguarlarly cooperate with local synagogues and Catholic churches in Community Service etc. I obviously believe this is the “true” faith, but in agreement I don’t think it is good practice to tout that opinion in the face of so many other more dominant religions. The most important part of Ahmadiyya is the development of a personal relationship with Allah. It’s cool to be skeptical, but the reality is that the Ahmadi community really just wants to get along wherever they are and do our thang.

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