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QUOTE: “Whoever can stand this for at least 30 consecutive seconds deserves a freakin prize. This is both physical and psychological torture.”

H/T: Vlad

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  1. When I worked in Blackburn, Lancs in the UK in the early 90’s the muslims built a big new mosque then started this infernal noise calling people to prayer. I think almost every company in Blackburn complained to the council. It was impossible to conduct a phone conversation and I was 300 yds away.
    Blackburn council quickly found a solution, they used around £300,000 plus of ratepayers money to wire up all the muslim homes with a speaker system connected to the mosque to call the faithful to prayer. (Also very useful for calling people out to demonstrate!)
    The council even allows the muslims there to have muslim only football teams and their own pitch in Whitton Park. In 1998 the council stopped the Liverpoll Phil Orchestra at a “last night of the proms” concert in the park from playing Land of Hope and Glory as is might upset Muslims. This is true, I was there.
    On one occasion in late 90’s the Muslims decided to hold a March through Blackburn in SUPPORT OF BIN LADEN. They were allowed to by the police but were not allowed to carry any anti Tony Blair banners!!!
    The week prior to this march they flyposted the town with posters urging muslims to knife (and kill) any Americans or Jews in the street. My wife and I followed them and tore down many of the still wet posters.. The posters were reported to authoities in Blackburn who did NOTHING.
    Nuf said!

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