One of the merry wearers of the keffiyeh gets to sit his can, in the can, at the tax payers expense for brutalizing a man at work. Punks. KGS

HS: Men who assaulted a bus driver in Helsinki were sentenced to a four year, four month prison sentence. The Helsinki district court found Marko Rodendau and Sitav Ako Abdullah guilty today of aggravated assault.

Both were found guilt of narcotics use as well. Rodendau was also found guilty of possession of a knife. In addition both were ordered to pay a total of 40 000 euros in compensation.

The duo mugged the driver this past February in Elielinaukio Helsinki, he received a serious head injury. According to the prosecutor the driver admonished the two youths to move out of the way of the bus.

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  1. The only punishment these people respect is deportation. Deportation removes the opportunity for them to wage Jihad on infidels, and thus the prospect of not getting to the Bordello in heaven.

  2. I hope the bus driver is ok.
    The amusing part is how these cowards think they hide their identity.They dress like they live in Antarctica and pretend they are tough guys ,when they are just scared,uneducated ,hate filled little twits.

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