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The Tundra Tabloids thanks Andy Bostom for the following article, and follows up with a question of its own, will the Vatican offer up its own condemnation of the impending slow strangulation execution of Pastor Nadarkhani? Where is the WCC in all of this as well? KGS

Will Mainstream American Islam Condemn Pastor Nadarkhani’s ‘Apostasy’ Death Sentence?

Posted by Andrew G. Bostom Oct 2nd 2011 at 12:59 pm

Almost 90 years ago, in his 1924 The Law of Apostasy in Islam, Samuel Zwemer made these observations, regarding the post World War I “Arab Spring” of that era:

The story is told that Damocles, at the court of Dionysius of Sicily, pronounced the latter the happiest man on earth. When, however, Damocles was permitted to sit on the royal throne, he perceived a sword hanging by a horse-hair over his head. The imagined felicity vanished, and he begged Dionysius to remove him from his seat of peril.

Today [circa 1924] we read of new mandatories, of liberty, and of promised equality to minorities under Moslem rule; and newspapers assert that a new era has come to the Near East. Economic development, intellectual awakening, reforms, constitutions, parliaments and promises Does the sword of Damocles, however, still hang over the head of each convert from Islam to Christianity? Is the new Islam more tolerant than the old? [emphasis added]

Will the lives and property of converts be protected, and the rights of minorities be respected? ….Again and again has European pressure, aided by a few educated Orientals, endeavored to secure equality before the law for all religions and races in the Near East. But as often as the attempt was made it proved a failure, each new failure more ghastly than the last. The reason is that the conscience and the faith of the most sincere and upright Moslems are bound up with the Koran and the Traditions. [emphasis added]

Civilization cannot eradicate deep—seated convictions. Rifles and ironclads, the cafe, the theatre, written constitutions, representative parliaments; none of these reach far below the surface. A truer freedom…than the one supplied by their own faith, must come before Moslems can enter into the larger liberty which we enjoy.

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    Not a chance, for that would require them to deny the canon of Islam.

  2. If the death penalty is not implemented, I would recommend that pastor Nadarkhani is given asylum asap.

    If not, he is in grave danger.

    This is how it works.

    1. The authorities bow to international pressure or become mindful that the death sentence is causing great harm to Islam.

    2. He is released as a consequence.

    3. Soon after, the condemned person is killed by enraged mobs (who BTW had been made excitable by the imams who wanted the sentence carried out).

    Now everyone is happy.

    The authorities are satisfied, and so are the imams.

    The international community is satisfied that the condemned was not executed, but just happened to be murdered by Islamic fanatics. And as we all “know”, most Muslims are moderate, and only al Qaeda types are the problem.

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