Islam and the Nazis

Egyptian Nazi party

You don’t say?

TT: The founding of the Egyptian Nazi party makes real sense in light of its recent modern history. The party can be understood as an offshoot of Abdle Nasser’s pan-Arab nationalism which included for a short time the Syrians in a quasi state union. The Syrians at the time were forced to disband the Ba’ath party (national socialist) in favor of a single party new alliance with Nasser’s Egypt, only to fall apart later on as it became clear of Nasser’s hegemonic intentions. He wasn’t really going to share power with the Syrians.

So National Socialism has some mighty strong roots in the region due to an already Arab supremacist ideology in the land, called Islam. So as a de-facto supremacist ideology, Islam should be interpreted more in those terms than in anything else. KGS

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