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The Tundra Tabloids met up with Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll over the past weekend, along with a host of others who gathered in London Town to convene the 5th official Counterjihad conference. The TT found Tommy to be an honest bloke who speaks the plain truth about what he sees and experiences, there’s no holding back from him, he delivers an honest assessment which you can either take it or leave it. How refreshing as well as promising. The TT will have more to follow in the days ahead. KGS

‘My persecution’ as told by Tommy Robinson

By Ignominius in September 28th 2011
Tommy’s Arrest at Armistice Day 2010

Until I joined the EDL, I thought state persecution was something that happened in places like Russia, China or Iran, but it seems that I was wrong.  It’s happening right here in Britain.  Here is the truth about one man’s persecution.  It was written whilst on remand for another trumped up, overblown charge.  In Tommy’s own words, his persecution at the hands of the Police and of the British State.

 Where did it start? When did it start?……….

After our first demonstration back in May 2009 in response to the appalling scenes during the royal Anglian homecoming parade, we decided to leaflet our disgust at what the council and police had facilitated.

I organised a protest in Luton town centre under the banner of the United People of Luton (UPL) calling for people in power to explain why the police and council had facilitated hostile individuals with known links to terrorist organisations to spit and hurl abuse at our soldiers.

The initial demo was very successful with about 500 in attendance.  But still the police and council were silent on the matter and instead prosecuted normal citizens who reacted to the abuse from the group of Jihadists.  We decided to call another demonstration but a week before our 2nd demonstration at the end of May the police visited 4 addresses in Luton one being my mother and fathers.  I was not at home at the time of the police visits so avoided arrest but  13 others were arrested and questioned on public order offences relating to the initial demo at the start of May.   All 13 were given a bail date 3 months away with bail conditions banning them from Luton town centre for 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

Does this sound familiar? 

Police seem to be using this tactic quite commonly these days.  I was not arrested so when we attended our second demonstration in Luton at the end of May a few of us decided to wear balaclavas.

This was for two reasons:

1.    I had a warrant out for my arrest post the first demo

2.    Because some of the 13 who were arrested and banned wanted to attend the demo.

The day after our 2nd UPL demo I called the police to hand myself in.  I was then called back by the officer dealing with the incidents and he informed me I no longer had to hand myself in.  It was at this point the home secretary instigated a ban on marches in Luton for 30 days.  The reason for coming to my mum and dads house was simply to ban me from the town centre!

There was a 3rd date put out for a UPL but was cancelled.  On the date of the planned demo 200 Muslims had gathered in the bury park area of Luton and decided to attack police and hurl bricks and fireworks at them for no apparent reason.  This can be witnessed on you tube here .

I was on my own driving through town and noticed a huge riot police presence near the entrance to Bury park area, when I was pulled over by a police car.  I was driving my wife’s family car which was purchased direct from Vauxhall two years before.  When I got out of the car I could hear explosions going off and could see missiles being thrown.  I asked the officer what was going on and he said “nothing”.  I actually started to laugh and said your answer could not have been more ridiculous as it looked like a war zone in front of me.  He just turned and said the last thing we need is “your lot” coming down here.  In “your lot” I presume he meant the people who were opposed to the violent Islamic extremists who spat at our soldiers, call for death to the west, and were currently creating a war zone in the middle of the town?

Read it all here.

2 Responses

  1. i was an am disgusted by your story tom and ofthe treatment youve endured by your own ex supporters.im proud of you an your efforts an your actions.you shown an still do display courage way way beyond these dick heads that called you a traitor….these people couldnt have lasted a fraction of what you an your family have been through.one day the people behind this campaigne against you will be exposed to all!oliver cromwell would be proud of you mate(im a big fan of his:-) )

  2. Really informative, enjoyed being able to read Mr Robinson’s view’s, thoughts & comments without the usual gaggle of screaming muslims interrupting him.
    Tommy knows how I feel about him, the admiration & respect for all he has sacrificed, the hardships. I feel we are #Blessed to have a Young Brave Man as Mr T Robinson #
    Fighting to Awake People All Over the World to Very Real Threat to our Way of Life, our Culture, our History that islam is capable of Destroying .
    God Bless U TR.

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