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UPDATE: Vlad has been sent a full accounting by Martin Brennan’s mate Matthew, that further sheds light on the entire matter. Go there for more.

The Tundra Tabloids has just learned from Martin Brennan, a former leader of the Australian EDL, is being sought after by the British police for some unknown reason.

According to Brennan, he has participated in the Tower Hamlets demonstration, as well as the wreath laying ceremony at the American embassy in downtown London on 9/11. He also  attended with the EDL Anjem Choudary’s disgraceful gathering for the purpose of burning the US flag on the same day.

Martin says he also took the time to hurl some insults at Choudary and his group on the day, during which time he was assaulted by a police officer.  He managed to record footage of this.

Martin Brennan also informs the TT that he has on his phone some video from the 9/11 demo. He was outside the main body of the EDL, and so captured some interesting things there. He was supposed to head back to a friend’s house to upload it to a pc and then to youtube, but changed his mind and stayed on in town.

According to an anonymous source, police intelligence have just been around to a friend’s house looking for him, offering money for  intelligence on Brennan. He said he didn’t know where Martin was. According to the anonymous source, the police said: “we’ll pay for you to go to some demos plus a bit of extra in your pockets to tell us who’s who and what’s what”. That’s a direct quote from Martin according to the anonymous source.

According to the unnamed source, Matthew’s response was a rather direct:”F* off, I”ll do ten years in prison instead.”

But back to Martin. The long arm of British law is crashing down on dissent, it appears that having video footage of a police officer breaking the law is the catalyst for the hunt. After all, while he was filming them, they were filming him. If he does indeed have video evidence of police brutality against EDL members, then there would be a need to get it before it’s uploaded to You Tube. KGS



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  1. IT seems that the police agencies in Her Majesty’s Britain are becoming more Stazi like. The Magna Carta has been tossed onto the trash heap, and is being replaced with an Orwellian New World Order, where everyone will ‘obey’.

    1. Big Frank, many western countries has stopped being normal democracies, they’ve entered a new phase in a very long history of being tyrannies.

      1. I can’t agree with you more, the rogue actions of the TSA, FBI, CIA, ATF and the criminal actions committed during this ‘Fast And Furious; gun running caper and other numerous scandals by this administration are shocking and yet glossed over by the MSM. It may be as many as 2000 weapons and over 100 Mexican nationals murdered with these weapons. To make matters our own US government has violated treaties and the sovereignty of Mexico. A lot of dirt is coming out in the ongoing Congressional investigations.

      2. See, what you’re getting confused with here is ‘tyranny’ and ‘arresting violent thugs’.

        1. No, not so big dave, you haven’t a clue about tyranny, since you more than likely live and breath socialist values, which makes you all the more susceptible to living under other forms of tyranny as well, like Islam.

          1. The mujahideen backed by the US were more for liberty than the ones being funded by bin-Laden. But then again that’s splitting hairs, they all have a tyrannical streak in them, these are not Jeffersonian democrats in question. Did you skip your civics courses in favor of Noam Chompsky novels?

          2. Ok Tommy has a record A-hole, you’re banned. Head on off to the wallow and mire from whence you came. You’re boring the rest of us with the best that you can come up with.

  2. Wow, some magnificent tinfoil-hatting going on here.

    At what point were you going to mention the fact that the EDL’s ‘dissent’ seems to consist largely of shouting racial abuse, violence and noncing?

    1. Oh and of course we have Big Dave’s say so on it all. So lets just trust Big Dave. Tell me ‘Dave’ what party do you vote for? Tell me, not exactly, but in general where you live? In Luton for an example, or in any close proximity to the Muslims who insist on living under sharia law? What are you to say about the actual coppers on the street who actually feel sorry that they have to strong arm the lads, not for what they do, but from political decisions from above? The EDL enjoy approval from many a peace officer, who would disagree with your assessment, because they themselves are on the streets and see and hear what the EDL are about.

      Then we have the “anti-fascists” who are far worse than any EDL member ever has been, as well as the legions of other Leftists who destroy huge swaths of cities and towns…yet people such as yourself are loathe to talk about them, … just the EDL. Nice try but no one his buying your smears.

      UPDATE: Your IP says you’re from the ESSEX region, so my point is proven.

      1. What does my IP being based in Essex have to do with it? Is it where the secret listening stations are?

        1. Just as I expected, you do not live amongst the very people you champion. You have no skin in the game… yet.

          1. You don’t even live in the same hemisphere, you muppet.

  3. What’s a ‘peace officer’?

    Can’t be the same as a police officer as they’re the people that keep locking up EDL members for violent crime and sex offences.
    Or the off-duty coppr who was assaulted by Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.
    If I lived in close proximity to muslims opting to live under Sharia, which has NO legal weight in the UK, much like Jewish Beth Din law(which has been practised here for over 100 years) what difference does it make to ME?

    1. Big Dave (wishful thinking here?) Doesn’t understand what a peace officer is? Just to educate you, not so big dave, Law enforcement officers are also called peace officers, for they keep the peace in society. Also, Copper is spelled with the inclusion of an (e). I most certainly would like for you to live in close proximity with Muslims pining for sharia, especially if you were a gay man, walking hand in hand pass the mosque right around prayer time with your lover. Lets see how fast you change opinions. Your ignorance of what exactly sharia law means and entails is predictable.

      Lets just cut to the chase, how many Christians and Jews living in the Middle East region that are either forced out of their homes or made second class citizens, are heading to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia pleading to be let in and enjoy living under the sharia? Hell, lets go to the Sudan where a newly formed state was made because of the North’s sharia policies, that allow for slavery and all kinds of abuse of the non-muslim.

      Here’s a clue knuckle head, Jewish Beit Din law pertains to Jews, of which they can freely opt out and not be discriminated against, let alone molested for or worse, murdered. Sharia law is an Islamic construct for the regulating of an entire society to conform to Islamic precepts and logic, which is totally against western mores and rule of law, not so big dave.

      1. Sharia courts have exactly the same status as Beth Din in the UK.

        Can I ask a personal question? Do you know anything at all about anything?

        1. Ok, it’s now obvious that the edl news blog, an anti-edl website has latched on to a story here at the TT and is sending ignoramuses here to spam. Sharia courts may have been given the same status (that they shouldn’t have) but that’s not in question here, (talk about someone not understanding anything) what’s in question is the differences between them which not so big dave was conflating. Beit Din effects only Jews, while sharia effects the non-muslim, that’s the major difference and speaks loudly of the dangers of this ideology. The sole reason for jihad is to advance the sharia, regardless of whether they’re talking about “defensive” attacks or not….it’s the sole mission of every muslim that takes his Islamic faith seriously.

          1. Why should Sharia courts not have been given the same status as Beth Din? They both have the same status as non-religious organisations to resolve disputes without recourse to the civil courts. It saves money and saves wasting precious court time. We’ve done it for centuries.

            There is no more compulsion to use a Sharia court than there is to use a Beth Din or ACAS or one of the multitude of industry ombudsman services.

            You can label me an ignoramus if you feel the need to resort to petty namecalling. But I’m also English and I’m also right.

          2. i.g.noramus, you err, knowing nothing about the totalitarian system of jurisprudence you champion, otherwise you would know that Beit Din is different. You’re guilty of mixing apples and oranges, though both are round, they are entirely different fruit. There is in fact compulsion to use sharia courts, where a woman’s voice is half that of a man’s, and don’t be so naive, muslims who hold a strict view (purist) of the sharia, will in fact force their weaker members to use sharia courts, Islamic vigilante mentalities will in fact enforce it. You may be English, but you’re completely wrong.

          3. Utter nonsense. Beth Din have the same power as Sharia courts which have the same power as every other arbitration service. They can resolve disputes if people choose to participate. They’re a non-binding alternative to civil courts.

            This is pretty basic stuff. You wouldn’t even pass a citizenship or immigration test if you don’t understand this.

          4. What you’re writing is utter rubbish, as Kathy Shaidle proves. Besides, there’s no such thing as “just a little sharia”, for long.

          5. Are you going to veto every single post that corrects your misunderstanding of the position of Sharia in UK law? That’s pretty cowardly even for you.

          6. I reserve the right to moderate my site, if you don’t like it, shop elsewhere.


    1. Big Dave, you forget that KGS is not in Australia.

      There is an Australian Defence League, and it is inspired by the EDL. That’s all.

      As for those whining that sharia’s not a problem, and sharia courts are nothing to worry about, I suggest you pick up your quran and your handy dandy Reliance of the Traveller.

      Or ask a devout muslim… Is sharia compatible with your country’s laws? What takes precedence?

      Sharia is Allah’s Law for all men for all time.

      As such, it is not negotiable, or able to be modified.

      I personally don’t have a problem with that thinking. I have a problem when it starts to be enforced upon me personally… sex-segregated swimming at council pools, halal vegemite (wtf? they don’t get the irony in branding as ‘lawful’ a food developed from the byproducts of brewing beer, but that’s not really a surprise), school uniforms for 8year olds modified to include the hijab and FGM units in the major hospitals.

      All of those are here in Australia, and for speaking out against them, I’ve been abused. It’s getting really tiresome.

      Please show me in the quran where it says, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

  5. So you don’t know where Essex is and you don’t know how we refer to members of the police service? Do you know anything at all about England? Anything at all?

    So why are you pretending to defend us? Clown.

    1. Of course I know where Essex is, but that’s irrelevant, what’s in question is the sharia, that you and your ilk haven’t a problem with. Talk about a bunch of clowns. I know more about the Magna Carta, English Common Law and Natural Rights than you probably do, but the good thing is, there is always google for you use and learn something.

      1. If you know where Essex is then why did you post that ridiculous message earlier saying that an IP based in Essex proved that the poster didn’t live near any Muslim areas?

        You’re making this up as you go along.

        1. Tommy lives in the hot spot of Luton, where Islamist extremism is at its worst, that’s why Essex isn’t relative to the discussion presently. If you have Muslims there joing the jihad, and aggressively in the streets shouting for sharia, burning poppies…then I’ll change my assessment. You’re out of your league and comfort zone.

          1. “Tommy” is Steven Yaxley-Lennon. He grew up in a middle-class corner of Luton which has a relatively small Muslim population. The large Muslim populations of the UK are Glasgow (where I used to live), Birmingham (where I also used to live) and a couple of areas of East London (which borders directly onto Essex).

            As I said … you appear to be commenting from a great distance and a position of great ignorance.

          2. No, I have it spot on, your comments keep verifying it.

          3. Only in the world of the Left is a man guilty until proven innocent. Thanks for pointing out to us all your troubling mindset.

          4. like I said, a person is innocent till proven guilty, just what part of the justice system outside of sharia law don’t you understand?

  6. Can the author of this article please contact me via my e-mail provided to reply to this post because as my name says I am the one personally involved with this, the one that had his home raided and the one interview by the police intelligence unit and I would like to clarify a few things. Thank-you

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