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The presidential race just that much more interesting. It also shows that Timo Soini, is ready to hand off the party leadership to others, which basically ends the meme that The Finns are just a one man party. KGS

The Finns Party’s Timo Soini to run for president

Timo Soini, Chairman of the Finns Party has declared his readiness to stand as his party’s candidate in next year’s presidential election. Speaking on YLE’s Ykkösaamu television discussion programme Saturday, Soini said he had given the matter careful consideration.

”Of course you have to think about it, because in recent years it has been a very closely-contested election, like the EU parliamentary elections, or the local parliamentary elections,” he expanded.

Soini said he had deliberated on his decision from the perspectives of the party, the country and his closest relations.

”In terms of the country, I thought about whether I’m suitable and competent for the task. I believe that I can do it. From the party viewpoint, it should put forward a candidate who would highlight the party’s positions and options, whom its supporters could vote for, and who can explain what the Finns Party is and what it’s not,” Soini added.

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  1. I approve of TT’s approving tone regarding Soini’s presidential candidacy. It’s nice to see some English language support for The Finns to counterbalance George Soros’s diatribes and Phil Schwarzmann’s bigoted anti-Finnish screeds.

    1. Hi Peter, Phil Schwarzmann is a hard core Libertarian who follows the likes of Ron Paul. I used to discuss issue with Phil, but his multi-culti crap is all to predictable, and for the most part, his political views mirror that of the Left’s more than of the Right, or as I would rather put it, conservatism.

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