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  1. At last we see the true face of the Arab Spring , unadulterated Islamic terrorism .
    Egypt failing to protect the Israeli embassy , hell the government probably ordered the attack ; Turkey threatening to send its Navy into Israeli territorial waters to accompany
    terrorist boats to deliver arms to Hamas .
    I would pose a question to the Israeli government , since your Arab neighbours are seeking nuclear technology and you have so much of it , then why not share some with them…… say you start with Egypt , Iran and Syria .

  2. Musloid animals! These are the true faces of the troglodytes, Barack Hussein et al. spineless excuses of Western leadership, have been lauding. Arab spring indeed, more like deep Arab winter. Can they get away with doing this to Israel’s diplomatic mission, then the same can happen to any other country’s. All they need is an excuse – an incident of some sort that they interpret as being to their disadvantage – to draw out their inner Mohammed.

  3. Another story that in the mainstream media is incomplete and destined for the ‘nothing to see here’ news-bin just like the books that Hitler tried to burn.
    I for one am suffering from surfer’s finger, from having to trawl through all the decent sites like tundratabloids just to find out what is really happening in the news.
    We know what’s going to come out of this and how it will be portrayed- a little disturbance and high spirits by poor opressed Libyans fed up with Zioinist imperialists. They attacked the Israeli embassy out of frustration at the plight of the defenceless Palestinians.
    More Muzz thuggery disguised as victims fighting back!

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