Gaddafi UK


MI6 and British Government worked closely with Gaddafi’s regime (and even helped him write his speeches)


Last updated at 2:25 PM on 3rd September 2011


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  1. No surprise here after the ‘gravely ill’ terrorist was released for so-called ‘compassionate’ reasons the hand writing was on the wall. Only a foll or a dupe would believe the ‘official UK version. All one has to do is look at a map to appreciate Libya’s key geographic position as applied to the thirst for oil in the EU, only a short sail to any port by tanker. It’s always about oil and the way the politician$ are
    influenced by the oil magnates .In reality they could care less about the 5 million Libyans.

    1. Ques. how can you tell when a politician is lying? Ans. His lips are moving.

  2. First, there will be some kind of civil war. Then, after we re-established our democracies, all those politicians and their friends will have to answer and pay for selling our rights and freedom to the islamists.

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