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The Minister of Health and Social Services speaks. For all of the TT’s American readers, this is what awaits you if you do not repeal Obamacare and scale back the leviathan federal bureaucracy. You’ll get people like this with titles  of minister of health and social services micro managing your life and your favorite micro breweries.

The statist knows no limits to his or her reach in government, the lines between public and private sector are intentionally blurred, if they are even allowed to exist at all.

They do this out of their ‘concern’ for the safety of the children, but that’s nothing more than an easy way for the statist to exert control, seeing now that they’ve assumed the role of parent for them.

Notice that there’s never an effort to promote actual parental control over their children, the state automatically assumes that control for itself, because we all know just how much more wise and all knowing temporary politicians and lifetime bureaucrats are, than the average mom or dad is in raising their children and managing their own lives.

Political hacks like this should be run out of office with a DUNCE cap on their heads, but here in the la la land of the nanny welfare state, we’re to be embrace the smothering warmth and affection creeps like Guzenina-Richardson have for us… and our children. This is nothing more than classic fascism by the SDP hack.  KGS

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