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Ted Ekeroth: “Debate” in this country (Sweden) is nothing more than an intellectual desert with huge element of hypocrisy and cowardice.

Here is an op-ed by Ted Ekeroth in response to a horrid article by, Jesús Alcalá, that attacked not only the Ekeroth brothers, (Ted and Kent), the Sweden Democrats but the Counterjihad anti-Islamization movement as a whole. KGS

NOTE: The Finnish paper Helsingin Sanomat has a piece on the political debate surrounding the Oslo shootings, and it’s plain to see that the established political elite are ganging up on the True Finns. The present FM, Erkki Tuomioja, (SDP) has even stated his desire for all guns to be removed from private households. H/T Vasarahammer

UPDATE: Ted Ekeroth informs the TT about the headline used by the paper for the article.

The title, ” I participated as an individual” was set by the paper, and I didnt know that until I saw it in the paper. The title is misleading as it sounds that I am apologizing or distancing myself from it, which I am not. They set that title because they could, so it sounds “bad”, so it sounds like I have something to hide or regret. But that thing was just one sentence out of the whole text, so its just lame. Thanks for reposting it

Ekeroth responds to Alcalá: I participated as an individual

August 17, 2011 at 02:00

RETORT Anders Behring Breivik has no place in the counter-Jihad movement who wants to fight Islamization with words, not violence. Ted Ekeroth writes in response to Jesús Alcalá. But one must also take responsibility for every word where it may lead, responds Alcalá.

Apart from the intellectually dishonest buildup throughout his article (SvD 3 / 8 ) with a “guilt by association” principle, Jesús Alcalá also shows a willingness to deliberately misinterpret the anti-Islamization movement.

Firstly, I was not at the Copenhagen meeting as a representative of the Sweden Democrats, but as an individual among other intellectuals whose courage and sense of human rights led them to gather to discuss the ongoing problem of Islamization.

Anders Behring Breivik has no place in counter-jihad movement for several reasons: he is a murderer who kills children, he wants to cooperate with Al Qaeda and other jihadists, and discuss the possibility to detonate nuclear bombs in European cities. In addition, he wants to impose a Taliban-like patriarchal society where women are subjugated, a selection of his madness that can never be accepted in the anti-Islamization movement.

That he then chose the counter-jihad movement as “his thing” can not be blamed on anyone. He began his plans in 2002 and chose violence as a method already 1999/2000 in its own words – well before the Copenhagen meeting, and long before either Robert Spencer and Fjordman had begun to write. Breivik could choose the “orientation” at any time which should be obvious when you read his manifesto, which is contradictory and confused. The terrorist attack was not about his ideas, but about his willingness to “be someone”, to be known.

Counter Jihad movement fights Islamization with words, pencil and paper. Islamization is not imaginary and it is perhaps easier to see this clearly by looking at the outside world. Non-Muslims in many countries have been displaced because of violence, intimidation and oppression. The non-Muslim populations in the Arab world have been decimated, if not completely erased in some places, precisely because of the pressure they have endured by their Muslim surroundings.

In Europe, it springs up more and more so-called “no-go areas”, ie areas where the government lost control or are on track to do so. These areas are often dominated by Islam, which in many places for an “Islamic way of life” often including Sharia law, there is thus parallel societies in which the host country’s norms, rules and laws are disregarded in favor of Islam. Segregated bathing time, anti-Semitic tapes sold in the Södermalm mosque with incitement to murder, withdrawal of pork from school menus, whilst introducing the ritual slaughter of halal meat, calls for the introduction of Sharia law in Sweden (Mahmoud Aldebe), Muslim groups who attack manifestations that they do not like (Malmo) and violence and threats such as Jews in Malmo (fleeing the city) are just some of Islamization that is happening in Sweden.

Alcalá text does discuss substance, but it is most unclear and unfair innuendo. Is there no Islamization? We are lying in claiming that Islamic texts encourage jihad? Are our observations of how it looks in different European cities fabrications?

These issues, as usual, are never discussed. It is considered to be irrelevant because Islam has nothing to do with the jihadists’ ideas, they say. Instead, it is highly relevant to try to connect the anti-Islamization movement’s basic ideas with Breivik, although his rigmarole, manifesto and practices are in stark contrast to what we are fighting for. Then suddenly it’s all right to try to link the man’s actions to the peaceful anti-Islamization movement, no matter how wrong the link is. But looking at the very core of Islam and the ideological basis and then consider where jihadis get their motivation from, is being “racist” and “dangerous”.

“Debate” in this country is nothing more than an intellectual desert with huge element of hypocrisy and cowardice.

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